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LittleToe's Profile

So I've finally put digit's to keyboard to say a little about myself. It was a long time coming, but that has been the joy of life on the edge.

Just a brief resume for now:

I'm in my thirties, live in Scotland, and have been married since 1993.

I was born a 3rd Generation Jehovah's Witness, and became an elder, holding down nigh-on every position except Presiding Overseer, at one time or another. I used to give Circuit Assembly items and Public Talks (sermons) in various congregations, including other countries.

I left the JW's on January 6th 2002 after announcing my Disassociation from the platform, at the end of a Public Talk I was giving. The Society should probably count their blessings, as it had crossed my mind to deliver it during an Assembly item, but that wouldn't have fulfilled my benign objectives.

My rollercoaster of discovery started on 28th June 2001, when I received what I can only describe as a religious experience that lead me to believe that I was a Spirit Anointed Christian. Very quickly doubts started to surface, on the doctrinal front, and so I came to the conclusion that I would probably have to leave the JW's by about the turn of September of that year. Up till this point my studies had been contained to prayer and the bible. At this point, however, I turned to information on the Internet and stumbled across FreeMinds and

I sent my first email to Randy Watters, just prior to the events of 9/11. This was probably a most inopportune time to join the online community of ex-JW's since pain upon pain emerged. If people had been hurting before, now that pain had become intensified with world events. It became a process of painful self-discovery, as I recognised clearly how deceived I had been.

Since I have left things have been even more turbulent, with severe shunning, and arguments with my wife. I have often asked myself, would I have prefered to remain ignorant? A rhetorical question, that requires no answer. Every day is a new day, however, and I count it a blessing to walk hand in hand with God.

As for the future, who can tell...






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