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I'm lead to believe that my Disassociation has caused a little bit of a stir. I'm literally amazed, since it has hardly been a battle of the titans.

My latest understanding is that I may be pursued, perhaps legally, since I latterly held the position of Congregation Secretary. I wonder if it might be out of a fear of the BOE letters entering the public domain?

Since I returned the "safe" the same day that I Disassociated myself, I wonder why there should be such concern?

Since the local body of Elders have already passed on erroneous information to my wife, that caused a further strain to our relationship, I wonder if I have further flack to receive. It may be that they believe they can put pressure on me from that source, but I can truly say that it will fail, as my wife and I love each other unreservedly. Christ really has been the greatest gain, in my life, and this has given me amazing religious and mental freedom's.