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Eastern Tennessee

Over the years, we've done a number of hikes in northeastern Tennessee. The area features remote gorges, scenic waterfalls, and grassy balds. Some of favorite areas include the Laurel Fork Gorge and the high peaks along the North Carolina line. Some of our recent hikes include:

My May, 2019 hike with Christy to waterfalls on Sills Branch and Devils Branch.     (Photos)
In February, 2018, Christy and I spent a weekend in Asheville and saw two Umphrey's McGee concerts. We did two hikes in Cocke County, Tn. First was an easy hike to Wolf Creek Falls. The next day we met up with Team Waterfall on Max Patch. We then explored the Trail Fork of Big Creek, which passes through an impressive canyon near Del Rio, Tn.    (Photos)
My May, 2017 hikes in northeastern Tennessee with Jack to Margarette Falls, Bailey Falls, and Red Fork Falls, and a hike with Spencer to the Beauty Spot and the talus field on Unaka Mountain. Photos.
Photos from our February, 2017 hike with Team Waterfall (Christy, John, Randy, Spencer, Stephanie, Kyle, Angelina, Jonathan, Leigh, Jonathan, Beth, Wendy, Jennifer, and Lianne) to 4 waterfalls on Dick Creek near Erwin, TN. Photos.
Our March, 2016 caving trip with Rocky, Spencer, Stephanie, and Thomas to Worley's Cave.     (Photos)
Photos of February 2016 Team Waterfall hikes to waterfalls on Lower Higgins Creek and Ramsey Creek.
My September, 2014 dayhike with Brenda from Frog Level to Dennis Cove and Hampton along the Laurel Fork of the Doe River.     (Photos)
My October, 2013 dayhike with Rick to Gentry Creek Falls, Rogers Ridge, Glenn Bald, and beyond.     (Photos)
My July, 2010 solo dayhike to Fall Branch Falls, off the Cherohala Skyway, and a a waterfall on the Tellico River just across the state line in NC.     (Photos)
My August, 2009 solo dayhike in the Doe River Gorge, along the tracks of the former Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR.     (Photos)
My August, 2009 car camping trip with Jack to Dennis Cove, featuring dayhikes from Elk Falls to Twisting Falls on the Elk River and Laurel Fork Falls.     (Photos)
My June, 2008 dayhike with Bob to Gentry Creek Falls.     (Photos)
My solo, February, 2008 dayhike to Twisting Falls on the Elk River.     (Photos)
My solo, December 2006 dayhike to Laurel Fork Falls.     (Photos)
Our September, 2006 car camping, hiking, and paddling trip with Megan, Forrest, and Nathan to Dennis Cove.     (Photos)
My solo, April, 2006 trip along the Cherhola Skyway in southeastern Tennessee, featuring a short hike in the Bald River Gorge.
Our December, 2006 hike to Benton Falls in southeastern Tennessee.     (Photos)
My solo, May, 2005 dayhike on the Holston Mountain Trail to Flint Rock.
Our March, 2004 dayhike on the Appalachian Trail along the Elk River starting from Elk Falls.
Our October, 2002 dayhike on the Appalachian Trail above Watauga Lake in the Big Laurel Branch Wilderness.
Our September, 2002 dayhike to Gentry Falls and Rogers Ridge
Our October, 2001 dayhike in the Doe River Gorge, along the tracks of the former Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR.
Our July, 2001 dayhike on a recently re-routed stretch of the Appalachian Trail along theElk River downstream from Elk Falls.
Our February, 2000 backpacking trip to the grassy balds of Rogers Ridge and the corner where Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia all meet.

Gentry Falls

The Cumberland Plateau

The Cumberland Plateau offers a wonderland of natural features, including caves, arches, waterfalls, and disappearing rivers. The Big South Fork Recreation Area and Savage Gulf offer outstanding hiking options. The Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness is simply one of the most amazing places I've been. Some of the hikes we've done in these areas include:

Photos from short solo hikes to Flatwoods Falls and Bruce Creek Falls    (Photos)
Christy and I spent most of our Spring, 2018 trip on the Cumberland Plateau. We started with a 3 day backpacking trip in the Smokies. Then we joined Stephanie for an exploratory hike that resulted in the discovery of a major waterfall!     (Photos)
The next day Christy, Stephanie, and I hiked to Virgin Falls     (Photos)
Next, Christy and I hiked to Savage Falls and Suter Falls in Savage Gulf     (Photos)
My July, 2017 solo hikes at the Piney Falls State Natural Area and the Laurel Snow State Natural Area.     (Photos)
Our March, 2016 trip to the Cumberland Plateau, beginning with a night camping with Team Waterfall in NC, a night camping at Whigg Meadow near the Cherohala Skyway, and an off-trail dayhike with Daniel to the base of Falling Water Falls near Chattanooga.     (Photos) . After spending a few days in DeSoto State Park and the Little River Canyon in Alabama, we returned to Tennessee for some more waterfalls. We hiked to Dry Creek Falls, Virgin Falls, and Upper Piney Falls.     (Photos) .
My December, 2015 long weekend with Christy to the Cumberland Plateau, including Noccalula Falls, the Little River Canyon, and De Soto Falls in Alabama and Foster Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Rainbow Falls in Tennessee.     (Photos)
My March, 2014 weekend trip with Darrin and Mitch to the Cumberland Plateau, including a backpacking trip to Virgin Falls and visits to Burgess Falls and Fall Creek Falls State Park.     (Photos)
My November, 2012 dayhike to Upper Piney Falls and two waterfalls in the Smokies.     (Upper Piney Falls Photos) and     (Smokies Photos)
My July, 2012 dayhike to Savage Gulf during an extreme drought.     (Photos)
My July, 2012 dayhike in Fall Creek Falls State Park during an extreme drought. I did a loop hike that included a bushwhack from the base of Cane Creek Falls to the base of Fall Creek Falls.     (Photos)
My July 2012 dayhike to Lula Lake and Lula Falls, on Lookout Mountain, just over the border in Georgia.     (Photos).
Our April, 2007 car camping trip with Thao to Rock Island State Park, featuring:
Short hikes to Ozone Falls, Burgess Falls, and Twin Falls.     (Photos)
A visit to Scotts Gulf and dayhike to Virgin Falls in the Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness.     (Photos)
A visit to Lost Cove Creek Falls and an exploration of Lost Creek Cave.     (Photos)
Short hikes in Fall Creek Falls State Park.     (Photos)
A solo dayhike in the Stone Door area of Savage Gulf.     (Photos)
My solo, February, 2006 dayhike to Virgin Falls
My solo, June, 2005 dayhike in the Big South Fork Recreation Area on the Honey Creek Loop.
My solo, June, 2005 dayhikes in the Big South Fork Recreation Area to Twin Arches, Needle Arch, and Slave Falls.
My solo, April, 2005 dayhike to Virgin Falls.

Additional trip reports from the Big South Fork Recreation Area may be found on the Kentucky page.

We've done some hiking in other parts of the state, but those trips are included in different regions. All of the trips in Great Smoky Mountains National Park are included on the Smokies page. Roan Mountain trip reports can be found on the North Carolina High Country page. Trips on the state line east of Greenville can be found on North Carolina's Bald Mountains page.

Rockhouse Creek Falls and Caney Creek Falls

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