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A Kzinti Reference Grammar

By Roger Kuiper

Contents... are currently under construction!

Kzinti Language
0. Introduction
1. Phonology
2. Determiners
2.1. Noun morphology
2.2. Noun compounds
2.3. Subclasses of nouns
3. Verb morphology
3.2 Verb moods
4. Adjectives
5. Adverbs
6. Prepositions
7. Conjunctions
8. Interjections
9. Phrases
10. Clauses
11. Word order in Kzints'utng
12. Learning Kzints'utng
13. Kzints'utng - English Dictionary
14. English - Kzints'utng Dictionary
15. Download LangMaker Kzinti Lexicon
download the Font ReadMe text for the Kzinti SFB and Royal Kzinti SFB font files here
Download the Kzinti SFB True Type Font here
Download the Royal Kzinti SFB True Type Font here
Kzinti Creation text

A. Old Kzints'utng - English Dictionary
B. Old English - Kzints'utng Dictionary


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