Footprints In The Sand

On a hill in the distance
A young boy quietly waits,
Patiently he watches
For his family at the gate..

His blue eyes shine so brightly
as hope swells within
For soon he'll see his loved ones
And never part again..

How joyous will be the meeting
As mother holds her child
And father kisses softly
The angel--his long lost child..

Once more they'll hold each other,
And tears will be no more
Forever they'll be together
As they pass through Heaven's door...

Hi...:)I am Debbie, Josh's Mom. When Josh first passed, I never thought I would survive a minute, let alone years. I could not look ahead in the future at all. All I knew that my heart and soul ached for my son. I went thru some personal counseling and joined a Support Group. I was in such need of comforting and needed reassurance that I would survive this nightmare. With each beat of my heart, I missed Josh. I have 2 surviving children, thank God, that made me have the need to get up each morning. I have a supportive husband and family. I have some wonderful friends. With all of them, and some personal beliefs in God, I have survived. One thing I did in the beginning was kept a journal. I started it one month after Josh died. It is a private journal. I kept it and wrote in it for about 1 1/2 yr. I realized that writing to him, helped me. It was like I was still able to connect with him. When I made this website, I started a page called "Just Josh's Mom." It is letters to him. The response has been overwhelming from parents and teens. By me being honest and open, it has helped others know they are not alone and they are not crazy. You can see my growth in grief along the way in the letters. It has let others that are like myself, suffering the loss of a child, know they will one day smile again, laugh and enjoy life, the way we deserve to. Yes, we will always miss our children, and there are times and days that are awful as I am in my 14 years without Josh. But throughout it all, I have made it and I am a different person. Below you will find the links to all of my "Just Josh's Mom" links. With what started with one page, went into 4 now. There are also poems that have touched my heart along the way. Use what you like. Remember, I have survived, and you will also. Love, Just Josh's Mom....:)

Letters To My Son Josh

July 23, 1998 thru December 24, 1998

January 10, 1999 thru March 13, 2000

April 25, 2000 thru November 5, 2002

April 6, 2003 thru now