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White Wolf's Native Medicine

Robert (White Wolf) Smith

A place for self healing and growth

 Native American Lore, Herbal Lore, Vision Quests, Emotional & Spiritual Healing

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I am a man who has lived as an outcast, rejected as a child by both the white and native people who were my family. Somehow Grandmother saw something in me even I did not see.


She was a woman who carried the teachings of a long line of women. She could set a bone, treat a wound, converse with spirit or deliver a child. She treated people's illness with amazing results.


She did more. She knew the frailty of the emotional body and could treat it better than any psychiatrist. Never did I see anyone who cooperated who was not cleansed of anger, resentment and fear. Beyond that she treated the disconnection from spirit, which all too many suffer from.


When it came time for her to take the blue road of spirit (age 102), she sent for me, a warrier who knew none of these things. Breaking with tradition that only women could carry the family teachings, she named me healer. From spirit for the next 19 years, she taught me and sent me to other teachers, some of who weren't even Native Americans, though they shared truth and wisdom. My vision is to share this wisdom to any who would heal body, mind and spirit, most importantly their own.

I teach some of the traditional medicines for physical healing. I teach about helping the emotions with problems. Above all I teach people to seek for and connect with the various aspects of the Spirit That Moves Through All Things. Helping them to grow in their own way, and find purpose in life.


So in the end, I teach that we are all related. Each a unique aspect of the Great mystery ourselves.

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