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White Wolf's Medicine Page

Robert (White Wolf) Smith

Introduction to Native American Medicine

A Online 8 week course to share some of what I was taught by the Elders, as per tradition I do not charge for this course. I ask for a gift of tobacco as a contract between us before the class. Then a donation, depending on what you think my time and information is worth after the class. Thank you. As an alternative you can now order a printed version of the course from me for for a donation to cover my cost.

Week 1: Introduction

What is Medicine From a Native American Perspective?

1: Life and relationships


2: The Talking Stick.


3: The five Questions.

Week 2: Healing self and others


You are a unique combination of the animal form of life we call human.





Week 3: Physical Healing Treatment



* Herbal Lore including growing your own.


* Manipulation of the body.



Week 4: Mental Healing

* Thought is focused choices.


* The logical mind is a reporting device, not designed to make decisions because it lacks the ability to input everything necessary for decisions.


* Living in the now.


Week 5: Emotional Healing Techniques.

The emotions are us and how we relate.


How emotions are expressed and used is a matter of choosing.


Positive and negative of the basics.


Use of the rattle to disrupt panic, fear or other unwanted emotional garbage.


Week 6: Spiritual Healing

Spirit is the origin of everything that is.


Life including yours is the expression of spirit in the material world.


All life is related.


The power breath.


Going home


Connecting with your guardian


Connecting with purpose

Week 7: Ceremonial Practices

All rituals are designed to bring you into harmony with or bring harmony to the world.


The Medicine Wheel.


The pipe, carrier of truth and prayer.


Dance to transcend and change


The Sweat Lodge


Vision Calling


Thanksgiving and giveaway


Week 8: Giveaway

Class shares in their own words, what was of value to them in the class. Everyone is encouraged to do a giveaway prior to class.



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