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Whey Protein Drinks
Finally, One I Can Love!

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Mix1 Whey Protein Drinks and Why I Loved 'Em


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UPDATE, 7/29/2015: I was checking links today and saw that the mix1 website no longer loads. I don't know if there's a problem with the product or if they are just not maintaining the website but I suspect it may be either renamed or perhaps there is a reformulation in progress because I can't find it on amazon either.

The good news is that necessity is the Mother of Invention. In my search for a replacement product to review, I found what I think may just be the best whey protein on earth. Before I settled on Mt. Capra goat whey, I did a huge amount of research and must have read about two dozen different kinds of protein drinks. Either they weren't processed in a way that insured optimal intergity of all naturally occurring nutrients, they contained additives that I did not want or they were not "native" whey. I can save you hours of comparing. I honestly believe Mt. Capra offers the best goat whey on the planet. I have partnered with MT. CAPRA to make these products available to you.

Mix 1 Whey Protein Shakes Review

I learned decades ago that my comfort foods are carbs and that my body wants protein. Since I tend so much toward carbs, I've wanted to find an easy way to get high-quality protein into my body every day. The most simple solution, I thought at the time, was to find a good protein drink and drink that once or twice a day.

Years ago, this idea sent me on a search that proved a great deal more challenging that I would have suspected, In my search for high-quality protein drinks I could enjoy on a daily basis, many half-used containers have been tossed because I did not keep drinking them, for one reason or another. Sometimes, it was the taste but more often, it was allergic reaction or gas and bloating. This story has a good ending though because my persistence paid off.

Testing Protein Drinks:
I ruled out all soy protein drinks once I realized that soy was causing me to have hot flashes and also, the research I've read suggests soy really isn't the best protein for the body anyway. I try to avoid soy altogether unless it's organic and fermented but it's virtually impossible since most eggs come from chickens fed soy, most animals are fed soy and soybean oil is used in almost everything you buy at the store, at least everything I'd want to buy at the store.

I tried hemp protein drinks but they did not taste good to me. Hemp is a wonderful protein and my body likes it but if I don't like the taste, I won't continue using it. Had to toss half of many containers because of that over the years.

I have tried quite a few whey protein drinks over the years. The experience I repeatedly had was that whey protein drinks made my stomach cramp and I felt bloated. After a few days on every whey protein drink I tried, I felt like the insides of my intestines were raw. I tried milk protein drinks too. I'm not severely lactose-intolerant but did notice that milk protein drinks created too much mucus and phlegm.

I did not give up though. I kept trying every new product I saw. And one day, I saw Mix1. Mix1 is a whey protein drink so I didn't hold much hope that I could tolerate it, given my past experience with whey drinks. It was lactose-free though so that was a plus. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of the Mix1 drinks and, after drinking one for breakfast for a few days, even happier that I had minimal abdominal cramping, gas or bloating.

If you are looking for a good protein drink, I can recommend mix1 from personal experience, if you can find it. It is lactose-free and casein-free. Apparently casein is the culprit behind the gas and bloating that so many experience with whey protein. mix1 is partially organic ingredients too. I'd like it even better if it were entirely organic but will take what I can get!

More about mix1 - 15 grams of casein-free whey protein isolate, 3 servings of fruit and veggies, 23 minerals and vitamins, 3 grams soluble fiber, 2 grams of good fats and antioxidants. Does not contain caffeine or soy. I liked mix1 so much that I emailed John Burns, CEO of Mix1 and asked a few questions about the products. Interview with John Burns about Mix1 Whey Protein Drinks.

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Health Care Disclaimer: If you are lactose-intolerant, Mix1 may be a good choice for you. However, check with your doctor. Being a casein-free product, Mix1 may also be well-tolerated by those with digestive or intestinal issues. However, please check with your doctor before trying if you have allergies or health issues that have been impacted by lactose or whey in the past.