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Some of my favorite organic brands


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A few of My Organic Favorites:
Caffe Sanora Organic coffee - Of course, I wanta start with coffee! I love good organic coffee. It's a celebratory ritual for my morning. I love this coffee in particular because Caffe Sanora is processed in such a way that the healthy antioxidants (more than green tea, in fact) remain in the coffee after roasting. It's easy on the stomach too. Delicious. I wish the price were just a bit more in line with other organic coffees... however, this is one case where it's worth paying more.

More organic favorites!
* Wildly Organic Centrifuge-Extracted Coconut Oil
* Pacific Rim Organic Coffee from Whole Foods
* Country Choice. My favorite: Snacking Vanilla Wafers**
* Amy's organic pizzas and soups. My favorite: Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup.
* Nature's Path. My favorite: Unfrosted Strawberry Pop-Up Pastries.
* roots hummus. roots has both organic and not organic hummus. Some of my favorites are not organic but are gmo-free. My hope is that they'll make them all organic in times to come. My favorites: Black bean, Chipoltle Spicy, Roasted Red Pepper.
* Health Valley. My favorite: Cracked Pepper and Garden Herb Crackers.
* GT's raw, organic kombucha. My favorite GT's: Trilogy
* Mt. Capra Goat Whey
* Buchi Kombucha. My favorite Buchi: Fire
* Annie's Organic Grabbits cookies, chocolate mint
* Imagine. My favorite: Organic Cream of Broccoli Soup
* Ezekiel Sprouted Grains Breads. My favorite: Cinnamon Raisin
* Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt. My favorite: Vanilla
* Organic Valley Organic Fuel Protein drinks. My favorite: Vanilla
* Bobo's Oat Bars - Note that they are only 70% organic but they are sooo good and the company tells me they aim to go more and more organic as they can. If they can just fix their moisture inconsistency, I'll be back to a Bobo bar a day.

I also have to mention Nature's Gate toothpaste. It's not a food, I know but you do put toothpaste in your mouth and some of it gets absorbed. I used to use Tom's but the company changed hands a while back and were bought by another company not so organic-focused. The ingredient list on Nature's Path toothpaste is clean and clear. I love the absence of wood alcohols like xylitol, sorbitol, erithrytol, malitol, etc. because I don't want any of these in my mouth or in my bloodstream.

mix1 whey protein drinks - Casein-free, Lactose-free, quality organic ingredients, high-protein and high-fiber. Note: Unfortunately, mix1 has disappeared. I don't know why it was discontinued. ps. mix1 contains organic ingredients but was not entirely organic.

Does it have hidden monosodium glutamate? Since USDA Organic products only have to be 70% organic, the potential for added non-organic ingredients is there. I personally read labels on USDA Organic foods the same way I read labels on non-organic. I'm looking for ingredients thrown into the ingredient list with the * that means it is organic. One big example is organic jams and jellies. I've yet to find one with organic pectin in it. What's the big deal about that? Pectin absorbs toxins and heavy metals. It's the one ingredient in a jelly that I would want to be organic, if I could only choose one.

Does it have hidden genetically modified organisms? Since only 70% of a USDA Organic certified food or supplement is required to actually be organic, the other 30% may not be. I especially look for popular GMO crops like soy (soy lecithin), corn, sugar, etc. that do not say they are organic.

**I've gotten used to checking labels for the non-gmo or gmo free seal. If it's missing there's usually something with gm foods in it. One ingredient I missed for a while was soy lecithin. I don't eat soy so never buy soy products. Yet, this ingredient is in almost everything I pick up at the supermarket.

Not only do I avoid all soy products unless fermented and organic, I also try to avoid soy lecithin. If you read about how soy lecithin is processed, you may choose to avoid it too. One company that takes the gmo issue as seriously as I do is Grain Millers. I love their Snacking Vanilla Wafers but, again, have reading about how soy lecithin is made, I still think I'm going to avoid it as much as possible.

Anyway, I wrote the Grain Millers company to ask more about the soy lecithin used in their products and got this terrific response from their representative: "The soy lecithin used in our products is non-GMO and originates from Identity Preserved Soybeans. The soybeans are produced without biotechnology (genetic modification) and with documented identity preservation including third-party certification. In addition, the form of this lecithin is allowed by the USDA National Organic Program for use in organic products."

I hope more companies take the cue from this company and start using Identity Preserved Foods. If you see soy lecithin on an otherwise good product, one that doesn't contain ingredients that are normally gmo like corn, I hope you'll take the time to write the company and request transparency about their source... and request that they use identity preserved foods in future products.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in article on organic foods, pesticides in food and whole food organic alternatives to chemically treated foods is not presented as medical advice but as educational information. While eating healthier foods can assist your body in maintaining wellness, please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on matters relating to your health and well-being.