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Health Supplement Review on
roots Hummus from Asheville, NC

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Review of roots Hummus, in particular the black bean hummus, my favorite!

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Hummus is a superfood, traditionally made from chickpea and seasons with garlic, lemon and olive oil. I've tried to like hummus, for the very reason that it is power-packed nutrition. Really, I have tried. When I first had this food, traditionally made from chickpea, I tried... it wasn't the taste I objected to, but the texture... soupy.

I gave up on liking hummus until I tried roots hummus, from Asheville, NC. My favorite is their black bean hummus. A cracker or chip stands up straight in it. Is it really hummus? I suppose not, since it doesn't contain chickpea but, instead, non-GMO black bean. Oh, my goodness gracious me, this is some good stuff! It's got a kick, from the jalapeno. The taste of fresh garlic, lemon and tamari explodes on the tongue. It's not soupy at all, but then, it doesn't contain chickpea... what about real hummus from roots, does it measure up?

My Review of roots hummus:
roots (spelled with a lower case "r") is my favorite hummus brand, period. I've tried their original with garlic, the red roasted bell pepper and spinach hummus and I like them all, even though all of them have a little bit more "soupy" texture than the black bean hummus. The red roasted bell pepper is my second favorite after the black bean hummus. I love that I can clearly taste the pepper, and not just chickpea and seasonings. When I have the spinach hummus, I clearly taste fresh spinach along with the chickpea and other delicious flavors.

Fresh taste is what stands out most about roots products, aside from the great texture. I can literally taste the fresh ingredients within the product. This is true of all the roots hummus flavors. I can taste the freshness of the ingredients. roots hummus tastes like something just made fresh in the kitchen, with quality ingredients.

Solid nutrition: The ingredient list on thse products is simple, straight-forward and healthy. I love that roots foods are non-GMO certified and that they aren't full of preservatives or MSG! I love the celtic sea salt and wheat-free tamari too. I also love that they do offer an organic hummus, although it's rather hard to find in stores here in the south. If you read the label, the expiration date is weeks, not months. It's made fresh and meant to be consumed in short order.

Let's just say I usually buy three at a time and they never go bad on me. I eat 'em all that quickly! If you don't like soggy, soupy hummus, give roots a try. Like I said before, the most firm of the hummus products is the black bean hummus but any of the others are still heads and shoulders over other hummus products I've tried.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to write this review. However, if roots wants to send me some free hummus, I'd welcome it! All kidding aside, I love this food and hope you'll try it.

Gout Caution If you have gout, please note that I found hummus listed on one website as a potential trigger. The resource I saw suggested moderate hummus consumption if you have gout. Other triggers include red meat and too much alcohol.

roots hummus Review Reviewed by Neva Howell. roots hummus My review of roots hummus, made in Asheville, NC