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NLP Programming for Weight Loss


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NLP Programminging for Weight Loss:
NLP, or Neuro_Linguistic Programming is a way of changing our way of perceiving reality in a way that benefits us. It's based on the premise that reality is not something that can be "known" objectively but is as it is perceived by the individual. By changing that perception, our relationship with reality changes and can be directed toward a more positive outlook. These are my words, of course.

There is more information on NLP online, including this one at NLP University but to tell you the truth, a lot of that language just makes my hair hurt. The main takeaway from it, for me anyway, is that NLP helps a person change their thinking in ways that help them then change their lives for the better.

There are videos on youtube about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I'm including a video that shows a few NLP techiques that might give you an idea of whether or not this type of programming might be helpful to you. Eliminating Unwanted Thoughts with NLP.

NLP is not without controversy and there are those who feel that neuro-linguistic programming techniques are abused by some for purposes of manipulating society or certain groups within society. I do not know if NIP is being utilized in any broad political way although it is obvious that hearing phrases over and over creates "a perception of reality" and when our news media bombards us with fear language over and over and over, it could be seen as a type of NLP conditioninng, I suppose.

If you came here in search of Neuro-Vision products, please not that I no longer share Neuro-Vision Products. Here's why:
I apologize but I've had to remove the article that was previously posted her, on the Neurovision program, due to threats from the owner to report me to google for including articles that were once allowed, as an affiliate. I no longer recommend anything by Alan Densky or Neuro Vision. Anyone who does something like that is not someone I want to promote. My apologies.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this weight loss article is not intended to take the place of medical advice concerning metabolism, hormonal, or other disorders affecting weight loss ability such as thyroid malfunction. Please consult with a qualified dietician or weight loss expert if dealing with obesity or abnormal weight gain, to rule out underlying medical conditions that may be keeping you from losing weight and also to assess your current state of health before undergoing a caloric restriction program.