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Got Those "Can't Get the Pounds Off" Blues?
If you weigh more than you want to but getting those extra pounds off is like an uphill climb, you're certainly not alone. Struggles with weight seem to be a global experience. Perhaps the only thing more numerous than people who want to lose weight is the number of diet programs promising weight loss.

Some of these popular diet programs promote rapid weight loss that can be unhealthy as well as temporary while other diet plans just don't work, period. There are also some good, solid weight loss programs available but they often seem require a lot of lifestyle changes such as eating only specially packaged foods. Of course, we all know the basic lifestyle changes needed for any healthy weight loss plan ....... reduce stress, stop eating on the run, stop eating fast foods and processed foods a lot, eat more foods in the fresh raw state ..... yada, yada, yada.

A Change in Perspective: We know what some of the problems are but how do we change the situation? Are diet pills the answer and, if so, why does the extra weight keep coming back? Why are so many of us still overweight or unable to keep off the weight we keep losing, over and over?

One reason I believe so many stay on the yo-yo cycle of weight loss, losing and regaining, is that weight loss is addressed as a solitary issue, when it is a comprehensive condition. Changing our perspective on what is happening, broadening our view to include emotional, mental and spiritual factors as well as making physical changes helps us to begin to see different choices that just aren't there if we feel it's a purely physical issue and must be addressed through physical action. I'm not saying physical action is not required - of course it is. Getting more exercise, eating healthier foods, all of this is important. However, until we understand that unwanted weight gain (in the absense of a medical condition and sometimes, even then) is a lifestyle manifestation and that shifting an overweight body often requires far more than just a weight loss program, we will fall short of our goals.

A lot of products and programs can help you lose weight. It's not that we can't lose it but rather that many of us can't keep it off and this is where the awareness of lifestyle factors becomes so important. Keeping the weight off is the big challenge. Yo-yo dieting and up/down weight is not healthy so, for your health, lose weight the right way and you can keep it off for good. If being treated for any medical condition, and particularly one involving the digestion or elimination, or one requiring medication for nervous disorders, please check with your doctor before adding any thermogenic weight loss product to your health regimen.

We have a lot of information here on healthy weight loss and you'll find links on each page you travel to from here. But let's start with weight loss foods which covers some specific nutritional additions to your diet which may help you with your weight loss goals.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information provided here, on the various pages regarding weight loss and other topics, is educational in nature and not intended to replace any advice from your health care professional. If pregnant, you should not take weight loss supplements, particularly those with stimulants or those called "thermogenic" or fat burning, or attempt rapid weight loss unless you fully discuss such decision with your doctor and your doctor agrees that it is safe for you and the baby to do so. If weight is an issue during pregnancy, talk to your doctor about ways to prevent becoming overweight during pregnancy rather than going on some program that may not be safe for you or your unborn child.