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Natural Impetigo Remedies
What is Impetigo?

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Natural remedies for impetigo infections - information on impetigo


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What is Impetigo?
Impetigo begins as an itchy, red sore that blisters, oozes and finally becomes covered with a tightly adherent crust. It tends to grow and spread. There are two types of impetigo, bullous and non-bullous, or crusted impetigo. Non-bullous is the most common and is usually caused by staphylococcus aureus although it may sometimes be caused by another A streptococcus so proper diagnosis is important. Children usually contract this condition through a cut or scrape that gets infected.

Avoiding an impetigo infection
Children get scrapes and cuts. It's just a part of childhood so it may not be possible to completely avoid impetigo but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk, including teaching your child good hygiene habits and also teaching them to report any scrape or cut to the school nurse immediately. Without creating a negative connotation, you may also want to explain to the child what impetigo looks like and teach them to avoid using personal items if a classmate is infected.

Factors that may make your child more suseptible to an impetigo infection include improper nutrition. Make sure you child's diet is healthy and supports good immune function.

Is Impetigo Contagious?
Yes, Impetigo is contagious. The infection is carried in the fluid that oozes from the blisters. Learn more about impetigo

Antibiotic ointments applied topically are usually the way small patches of impetigo are treated. However, in cases where the infection has spread to larger areas of the body, it may be necessary to treat with antibiotics taken orally as well.

Impetigo or Eczema Herpeticatum?
The Herpes Simplex Virus can infect the skin in a way that resembles impetigo so proper diagnosis is important.

Symptoms of Eczema Herpeticatum include the characteristic blisters of a herpes outbreak and can affect the mouth or nares, just as an oral herpes outbreak might do. Impetigo, like herpes, can also cause chills, lack of energy and fever.

If a secondary infection develops, Eczema Herpeticatum can be dangerous so get a proper diagnosis and if the condition does turn out to be eczema herpeticum, consult with your doctor on an aggressive treatment plan immediately.

Natural Impetigo Remedies: Natural substances with antibacterial properties may be helpful for addressing impetigo. Some that are suggested for this purpose include tea tree oil and essential oil of myrrh. Both should be diluted with olive oil, which has healing properties of it's own.

I researched online to find a natural impetigo remedies that might already be mixed and diluted but didn't have any luck. If I find one, I'll list it at that time.

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Health Care Disclaimer: Natural impetigo remedies are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical attention. If your child has impetigo symptoms, see a pediatrician to make sure it is impetigo and to get information on treatment your pediatrician may deem necessary.