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Green Living Detox with Moso Bags
Bamboo Charcoal Absorbs Toxins

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Ask A Healer Detoxing Your Home Series

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Moso Bags with Bamboo Charcoal for Detoxing your living space

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This is part of a green living article on detoxing your home which covers some of the pollutants that may be in your home, such as outgassing from carpets, as well as information on nontoxic alternatives to toxic building supplies such as non-toxic caulk and low voc paints. This page focuses on a product called the moso bag. The primary ingredient in the moso bag is bamboo charcoal. When used correctly and for a long enough time, moso bags help with more than odor.

100% Bamboo Charcoal Naturally helps remove:

* Odors
* Bacteria
* Harmful Pollutants (more below)
* Allergens

Moso bags also help reduce the levels of formaldehyde, benzene, chloroform and ammonia in the air. I would think the Moso Bags could be helpful with carpet outgassing issues though I'd probably stay out of the room til the Moso bag has time to work, rather than living in a room with carpet outgassing while purifying.

You will find the Moso Bags at amazon I used to link to a raw foods store here that had them but there are issues with the website. I'll relist it when it's cleared up but for now, you can find good Moso Bags at amazon.

Health Disclaimer: The information contained in this detoxing article about moso bags and bamboo charcoal is not intended to take the place of personal medical help you may need, if you have been harmed by toxins in your home. Please consult with green building suppliers in your area for the best approach to detoxing any known pollutants in your home, as well as for ways to test the air quality for allergens, toxins and pollutants.