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Parameters of Wellness Counsel
No Substitute for Medical Advice

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Ask A Healer Advice Parameters

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Does Ask a Healer give medical advice?

by No. The wholistic health and alternative medicine information, as well as the spiritual development guidance offered from the wellness library should not be construed as any type of substitute for any needed medical advice you may also need.

You should always consult with your doctor when health challenges arise.

The alternative medicine questions already posted here include areas of herbology, reflexology, detoxing and other areas of health concerns.

This information is here because I believe in natural approaches to wellness and I take responsibility for monitoring my own health response to natural treatments.

Even so, I avail myself of medical testing and professional advice concerning health issues because I believe in making an informed decision about my wellbeing.

The spiritual development sections deal with questions on toxic thinking and emotional healing, spiritual development, divine awakening and acceleration, energy healing training and energy medicine modalities.

Whether you are seeking to heal a spiritual, mental, physical or emotional challenge, we hope you can find useful information within the pages of Ask A Healer's Online Wellness Library.

In addition, in areas where medical advice, testing or medical evaluation may be indicated, I urge you to consult with the appropriate healthcare professional.