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A Whole-Being Perspective on Healing
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Ask A Healer Wellness Library

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The Perspective Behind The Wellness Library


Suggested Reading on natural healing

I have assembled a wide range of resources for those wishing to learn more about healing remedies and about the impact of non-physical factors in the development of physical conditions. In addition, I include information on prescription drug interactions and risks. I hope the wellness library will be useful to those exploring or considering the use of holistic remedies as well as those who are currently taking doctor-prescribed drugs.

In my own approach to saying healthy, I consider all levels of the human experience to be significant aspects, even vital aspects. The factors determining how healthy and happy a person is in life include levels besides the phsyical, such as emotional, mental and spiritual states of balance or imbalance.

My hope is that those who desire it may discover or connect more strongly with quantum energy frequencies for healing and the underlying spiritual aspects of illness and wellness. There is ample information here on my own spiritual awakening journey and my work as a healing facilitator since 1993, exploring the link between physical illness and non-physical levels of imbalance.

As mentioned earlier, my perspective on health is wholistic and does not stop at physical concerns. I consider spiritual balance to be every bit as important as balance on a physical level. To that end, I employ a whole-being approach to maintaining my own health which includes spiritual wellness.

Mind/Body/Spirit Approach: Mine is a unified approach that respects the wisdom of the mind / body connection as well as who I am as a Soul having a human experience. As a result, Ask a Healer resources emerge from that same point of view and may not be for everyone. Those heavily invested in the medical model, as well as those who do not have a good connection to their own body and internal processes, may need to either bridge the two worlds of allopatic medicine and natural healing or stick with prescription meds and western medicine. If you are lucky, you may find a western-trained doctor willing to consider adjunctive therapies.

Health Disclaimer: As I've said plainly, self-treatment and natural healing is not for everyone. Be smart about your health. None of this information is intended to replace a doctor's care and evaluation. If you are seeing a doctor for any known medical condition, you should always check with your doctor before adding a natural remedy and most certainly before going off prescription medications.