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What are the Main Tests for Diabetes
Diagnostic Testing and Pre-Diabetes Screening

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Ask A Healer Series on Diabetes

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Diabetes Health Bite: Do you know the three diagnosic tests for diabetes and pre-diabetes screening?


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Diabetes Articles

The fasting plasma glucose test and the oral glucose tolerance test measure your blood glucose levels after fasting (oral test includes drinking a drink containing glucose after fasting).

The third diabetes test, the random plasma glucose test, does not require fasting and is not used to detect pre-diabetes. This pre-diabetes screening test allows doctors to see if you are heading in the direction of developing diabetes so it's an important test to get done early if you have concerns.

Check with your doctor about regular testing, as one way to keep on top of diabetes-related complications. In particular, foot health is of vital significance to diabetics so talk with your doctor about preventing foot ulcers and see your doctor early if a foot wound does not heal quickly or properly.

Is your glucose monitor accurate?
If your test results seem to vary more than they should, there are some possible factors to consider which may affect your montior readings. I'd suggest doing a search on glucose monitor accuracy at the Mayo Clinic. I used to link to a specific article but the url keeps changing so I'd just go to the website and enter those search terms to find information about accuracy, including problems with your test strips and improper coding. If you have certain subtances on your skin, that may also interfere with an accurate reading. You should keep your glucose monitor out of extreme temperatures as well, as this can affect how accurately your blood sugar levels are registered. Visit the Mayo Clinic link above for more tips on this subject.

Diabetic Health Care Disclaimer: Diabetic health screening and testing is advisable if you have a history of diabetes in your family. While I don't personally subscribe to that it runs in my family fatal attitude, for many it is definitely a factor so do what you need to do for yourself and your loved ones.