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What is True Chakra?

Introducing an empowering set of hypnosis modules for energetic clearing and balancing of the chakra centers.

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What is new age, anyway?

The chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to physical as well as emotional and spiritual balance areas. Energetic balance is considered as important as physical balance, in the view of the metaphysical practitioner. Learn why chakra balance and strength of energetic emmanation are important to your overall state of happiness and success.

Topics covered in True Chakra Course include:

Chakra Centers and Your Physical Body State - Learn why achieving optimal health is almost impossible without the alignment of the Chakra's.

Chakras And Your Emotions - How, through appropriately aligned and energized chakra centers, you may realize emotional stability

Chakras And Your Mental Health - Discover the impact of chakra congestion and blockage on your mind and all that it controls.

Chakra Mediation Mastery - Discover six powerful techniques that will enable you to master Chakra meditation which is essential to aligning your chakra centers. and Much More!

Topics include:
1. How to tell if your chakras are blocked
2. How to work with the Meridian Control Circuitry associated with your chakras
3. How to utilize EFT tapping techniques for chakra clearing

Several bonus chakra clearing scripts included

Note: I no longer promote True Chakra Here but if what you have read here interests you, it may still be available via a google search. I apologize for any inconvenience but things change on the internet sometimes and I don't always have time or inclination to rediscover.

Additional Resources:
Use hypnosis for balancing the chakras

Spiritual Statement of Intent: Working with the energy centers, or chakras, is a well-known way to increase connection to source and to increase awareness of your body's state of balance. This is a resource that may be helfpul in assisting you. These tools are not suggested as replacement for any needed medical evaluation, testing or treatment.