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I Finally Watched Birdman
Michael Keaton's Tour de force

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The Birman Cometh:
I finally saw Birdman with Michael Keaton. As an actor I have, at one time or another, felt like every stumbling, bumbling, oh so human "being" in that movie. I saw myself in every face... the man who was hit with the light while overacting (what a brilliant metaphor!), the agent trying to find money and stop the meltdown, the actress on broadway for the first time and all that implies, the daughter wanting the father who was never there, the zealous actor who couldn't stand anything less than perfection, the wife who still loves the actor but sees the implausibility and divide, the bitter movie reviewer, Reegan, the "lead" actor haunted by voices/choices from his past and of course, the Birdman as he taunts and tortures., bringing to light every doubt, every space of shame within, every feeling of missed opportunity and every moment that holds a promise of the opposite experience, that holds a vision of a freedom scarcely imagined, the price of which may be letting go of everything that once seemed real.

I'm reminded once again of how easily beauty and insanity may dance together. They find their step when given space. I'm reminded that the sublime and the profane may walk hand in hand wherever there is desire that excludes the whole.

And oh, I'm a little more awake after that incredibly truthful moment to which all of us inevitably arrive, regardless of the path we take to get there. For me, I've arrived here so many times... I am not important. I do not exist.

And that not existing as a packaged thing that is called Neva is very good news. We are all so much more than our packaging.

Reeling from this movie. It could be my salvation. It has reminded me of what's important and what couldn't be less important.

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