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Natural Remedies for Peripheral Neuropathy
Alpha Lipoic Acid and Insulin Use

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Alpha Lipoic Acid's Role re: Peripheral Neuropathy


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Did you know.... ALA, or alpha lipoic acid is one supplement being studied for helping ease the constant tingle of peripheral neuropathy that troubles so many with diabetes. Here's a few of the reasons why....

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant. Diabetics need antioxidant protection as much as anyone dealing with a chronic health condition.

2. ALA helps get more glucose out of your blood stream and into your cells.

3. Supplementing with Alpha Lipoic Acid, along with exercise, seems to make insulin use more effective.

4. ALA interferes with the blood-pressure-raising qualities of salt, so it's considered a good cardio hazard deflector as well as useful in treating peripheral neuropathy.

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5. ALA beneficial for other diabetes-related complications: Scientists are further exploring the potential of ALA to also help the body tackle other diabetic complications, such as diabetes-related vision problems and kidney damage.

6. Alpha Lipoic Acid interferes with a process called glycosylation that is a rather complicated process of your body (at least it's complicated to explain in layman terms) that affects LDL levels. This glycosylation process interference appears to be a benefical one, in helping a diabetic avoid diabetes-related heart disease.

Check with your doctor today, to see if adding alpha lipoic acid is an option in your case.

As always, you should more carefully check blood sugar levels any time you add something new to your health care regimen, particularly if you are already taking other glucose regulating meds or supplements.

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Diabetic Health Care Disclaimer: Although peripheral neuropathy can occur in those who do not have diabetes, it is a common diabetes-related health complication. If you have diabetes, please ask your doctor about any symptoms of peripheral neuropathy that you may be experiencing. Alpha Lipoic Acid is not presented as replacement for needed medical evaluation and attention. Though the glycosylation process with ALA appears benefical for addressing some diabetes-related complications, you should definitely discuss it with your doctor before adding ALA to your health regimen.