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Dismukes Family Tree

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This page last updated: 12/28/2018


b. 1668 (supposedly in England)
d. ???? VA.
*married Sara EVYNARD approx.1693(?).
b.16?? d.????.

*William owned 200 acres in King & Queen County in 1704, records from the book: English Duplicates of Lost Virginia records and also in The Quit Rents of Virginia.

*Children of William & Sara:
1)William(II) b.1694 VA, married Mary Ellis 1723 in VA.
2)James b.1698 VA, married Ruth Rowe 1720 in VA.

b. 1694 in Essex CO., VA.
d. 1794 Caroline Co., VA*
*Wife: #1) Mary ELLIS 1723 in VA.
*Wife: #2) Elizabeth Thornton b. between 1690-1710 d. between 1725-1794?*.

b. 1694?? VA
d. 1794 Halifax Co., VA
*Children of William & Mary:
1)Phoebe b.before 1752 d.before 1834.
2)John b.1725 VA d.3/10/1818 Warren Co., GA, married Elizabeth Sarah Finney*.
3)James b.1727 VA.
4)Mary b.1729 VA.
5)Elisha b.1730 VA, married Mary Herndon 4/8/1756 in VA.
6)Evenard b.1731 VA.
7)William b.1733 d.abt.1780, married to #1)Mary Crawford; #2)Frances --?--.
8)Anna b.1735 VA, married Richard Wilson.

1)Virginia Revolutionary War State Pensions: William Dismukes signed as a witnesse for Francis Gray of Caroline Co., VA 2/27/1787.
2)**Info credited to Ginny Barrs.
3)Various records list Mary with the last names of Walker and Waller, nothing is currently known about her parents or if she had siblings.

b. 1730 Caroline County, VA
d. ?? Halifax County, VA

b. 1731 King & Queen Co., VA
d. 1760? VA
*Wife #1: Mary HERNDON, daughter of William & Sarah(POE) HERNDON.

*Wife #2: Ann Thompson.

*Children of Elisha Dismukes and Mary Herndon:
1)George b.abt.1754?56 VA, married to a)Elizabeth Thompson; b)Sara Ann Poe 1768 in VA.
2)William b.abt.1758?9 VA, married to Salley Gray 1797 in VA.

*Children of Elisha Dismukes & Ann Thompson:
3)Daniel b.1771 in VA, d.3/18/1855 Sumner Co., TN, married to Nancy Patience Towns 1/3//1798 in VA*.
4)John b.1763 VA, d.1855, married to Elizabeth Chaffin in Halifax, VA*.
5)Richard T. b.abt.1765 VA, married to Mary Lucas*.
6)Susannah "Susan" b.abt.1767 VA, d.2/17/1846*, m. William Coats 5/21/1782*.
7)Elisha(II) b.8/14/1767 VA d.6/28/1855 Noxubee Co., MS, married to Judith Lee 6/4/1811 in VA*.
8)Ann "Nancy" b.abt.1769 VA, married to William Womack 2/22/1798 in VA*.
9)Mary Polly b.abt.1770?1 in VA, married #1)Boyd, #2)Edmund Cook*, m.4/24/1797 Halifax Co., VA.
10)Mildred b.abt.1773 VA, married John E. Brown 12/17/1804 in VA*.
11)Paul b.5/1/1762 VA.

1)Elisha faught in the Revolutionary War.
2)Elisha Dismukes is listed on the Virginia Tax Payers list 1782-87: having 1 Poll, 5 slaves, and living in Spotsylvania Co., VA.
3)Info from Pat Ross, Dismukes cousin.
4)William Dismukes Roll#93 Spotsylavia Co., VA: 1810 Census of Virginia.
5)Paul Dismukes Roll#690 Goochland Co., VA: 1810 Census of Virginia. Also, VA Military Records of the Revolutionary War show Paul married to Sarah Richardon, and moved from VA to Davidson Co., TN 1811, he enlisted in the military at age 18, served 2yrs, and died 2/22/1838 and is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery on Gallatin Pike, Davidson Co., TN.
6)More information on William and Paul can be found on the Our Family Tree page listed below.)
7)To see more information about the other siblings go to the Ginny Barrs website listed below.
8)Some names of children and dates credited to Ginny Barrs.
9)1790 Virginia Census
10)1800 Virginia Census
11)1810 Virginia Census

b.abt.1754?56 Caroline County, VA.
d.8/12/1827 Bynam, Chatham Co., NC*
*Married to Sara Ann POE in 1768 Va.
b.17?? VA
d.1838 NC.

*Children of George and Sara:
1)John W. b.1773 NC.
2)Col. William b.8/26/1780 NC.
3)Elisha Paul b.3/10/1781 NC.
4)Sarah Sally Haguel b.after 1783 NC.
5)Alexander b.abt.1787 NC.
6)Rachel b.abt.1790NC.
7)Dr. George W. b.abt.1792 NC. 8)Charles P. b.abt.1805 NC.
9)Frances Caroline b.abt.1806 NC.
10)Ann b.abt.1807 NC.
11)Elizabeth b.abt.1785 NC

1)Major George Dismukes Occupation, Medical Doctor.
2)Settled in Chatham Co., NC mid-1700's.
3)George fought in the Revolutionary War with the rank of Major.
4)George was appointed to Patroller in Capt. Clarks District 8/1777.
5)George Dismukes appears on the 1820 Census of North Carolina living in Chatham County:
1 male age 0-10, 1 male age 10-16, 2 males ages 16-26, 1 male 45+/; 1 female age 10-16, 1 female age 26-45, 1 female age 45+/; 17 slaves.
6)George Dismukes received 228 acres issued 9/5/1821 from land reserved for officers and soldiers of the Continental Line.
7)Revolutionary Warrants: George Dismukes #880.
8)1820 Census NC Chatham Co. micofilm #194)
9)info from Chatham Co., NC Court Minutes.
10)Will & Estate Records Chatham Co., NC Vol. 2 Book B 1818-1833.
11)Orange Co., NC Marriage Registary Book2 Index of Grooms:
Dismukes, Alexander to Susan Mebane on 10/28/1835. witness: Thos. Oldham, Bondsman.
12)Anson Co., NC
Will of Adam Lockhart 1832 lists William Dismukes as having land next to his 81 acres with the imporvements on Gold Branch adjoining to William Dismukes gold mine.
13)Anson Co., NC July session 1825:
14)The will of Odum Cocke Book A pg.129 lists M. Dismukes, Clerk.
15)1850 Census of Orange Co., NC:
Index: John Dismukes pg171. M-432(nars)-639(statereel), #204 1st Dist.(fam.grp.), 1850 D252(sndx).
Name: county: pg#ofmicrofilm: census division: James Dismukes Casw. Co., #222, Yancy YCI.
John Dismukes Orange Co., #171, 1stDI.
R.T. Dismukes, Davie Co., #407, No TWPL.
16)Bride Index 1796-1826 N.C. from Raleigh, NC newspaper:
Dismukes, Rachel married William Hamlet on 9/30/1812.
17)From the book: "Sixteen Hundred Lines To Pilgrims", "Lineage Book III" edited by Mary E. Mayo National Society Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrams.
Dismukes, Elizabeth Ward(1/7/1841-11/6/1934) married 1/20/1859 to William Anderson Manning (3/29/1835-6/15/1903) Pg.190.
18)More information on George's children are located on the Our Family Tree page listed below.

Click here to view the last Will & Testament of Major George W. Dismukes.

b. 3/10/1781 NC
d. between 1860-61 Madison Co., TN
*Married to (Anna) Fany PETTY in Wilson County, TN 12/8/1816.

b.abt.1785 NC.
d. TN

Children of Elisha and Fany:
1)George W. b.1827 TN
2)John W. b.abt.1820 TN
3)James Dismukes b.1829?30 TN d.1867 TN
4)Robert Perry b.1830 TN
5)Thomas b.1833 TN
6)Sarah Dismukes b.1834 TN.

*Other Children living with Elisha and Fanny are 1)John b.1845, and John b.1849.(*it is not yet know if they are Elisha's children, grandchildren, or nephew.)

1)Tennessee Records, Bible Records & Marriage Bonds .
2)1840 Tennessee Census show Elisha's family: 1 man age 50-60, 1 boy age 20-30, 2 boys age 10-15, 1 woman age 40-50, a girl age 15-20.
3)1850 Tennessee Census show Elisha's family: Elisha 65, Fanny 65, George 24, James 21, Robert Perry 20, Sarah 16, Thomas 17, Elizabeth age 56.
4)1860 Tennessee Census show Elisha's family: Elisha 78, Fanny 66, John 15, Elisha 11.
(Keep in mind not all information in these books are accuriate as you can see from above, it is impossible for Fanny to be 65 in 1850 then 66 in 1860 and for Elisha to be 65 in 1850 when he is 69 and in 1860 78 when he is 79.)
5)Elisha fought in the War of 1812 for the NC Militia as rank of SGT.
6)James Dismukes b.1830 d.1867 married to Octavia Vick d.1912; two children Sarah & Elisha. James faught in the Civil War.
7)James's daughter Sarah Dismukes married Joseph B. Jones 1894 Madison County, TN and had 2 children.

b. 8/21/1827 Madison Co., TN
d. 1/28/1910 Ada, OK
*George served in Confederat Cav. in the Civil War for 4yrs.
Known children of George & unknown Moore:
1)Gaston Barbee Dismukes, Sr. b.1854 NC. (*death date for obituary shows b.1854.), d.1919.
2)Elisha Romulus b.4/12/1856 MS, d.12/28/1924 Ada, OK.*
3)Mollie V. b.2/11/1858 MS, married James Merritt Randol on 1/16/1876, d.12/03/1893 Woodford, OK.*

Children of George & Mary Kimbrough:
4)Sidney Albert b.4/11/1875 TX; married Carrie Duke in TX; d.4/23/1947 Sulphur, OK.*

1)Wife #1: ??-?? Moore, m.1853 NC.

2)Wife #2: Agnes Hannah b.1836 of Carroll County, TN m. 12/11/1867, d.between 1859-1874.

3)Wife #: Mary Kimbrough b.1833 KY, m. 2/19/1874 in Grayson Co., TX, d.bef.1880, buried in Preston Bend, TX.*

4)Information on Mollie Dismukes, Elisha Romulus Dismukes, and Sidney Albert Dismukes is credited to Jackie Uhles, a descendant of Mollie V.
5)George listed in 1850 Tennessee Census as living at home with his parents at age 24.
6)George owned a 262 acre land grant in Madison County, TN.
7)In 1867 George's brother James died and George applied for guardianship over James's son, Elisha Dismukes. Elisha settled in GA.
8)In the late 1800's George moved to Texas then on to Oklahoma.
9)In 1906 George W. Dismukes appears on the Ada (Oklahoma) School Census, Indian Territory, age 79.
10)1900 Oklahoma Census
11)Obituary for George W. Dismukes.
12)Obituary for Gaston B. Dismukes, Sr.

13)To learn more about Agnes Hannah see info on the Hannah Surname page.)
14)To learn more about Mary Kimbrough see info on the Kimbrough Surname page.)

b. 5/13/1854 near Ore Hill, N.C.
d. 6/27/1919 Ada, OKlahoma
*Married to Sarah Francis HALL in Grayson Co., TX on 12/18/1877.
b.3/25/1860 Texas
d.5/10/1955 California
*Burial: Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, Pontotoc Co., OK.
**Parents are James H. & Mary Hall of Grayson Co., Tx.

*Children of Gaston and Sarah:
1)Gaston Barbee,Jr.b.1/3/1883 TX (had 5 children).
2)Walter William b.1879 d.4/18/1935.
3)James Joseph "Jim" b.1886 (died in early 90's) his wife's name was Daisy.
4)Mary Ann "Annie" b.abt.1881 married James Monroe Lawernce.
**Children: George B., Mae, and Mattie.
**Mary died young.
5)Rutelia "Telia" b.1893, married to Col. C.W. Taylor in Ada, OK 3/16/1910.
6)Ardelia "Dia" b.1891 OK d. Orange County, CA, married to Ernie Pierce.
7)George Marvin b.1889 OK, married Florence Lee Lewallen 12/23/1916 in OK.
8)Cleveland H. Dismukes b.2/7/1885 d.7/3/1925 married to Susie E. b.2/15/1873 d.9/27/1945.

1)Gaston B. Dismukes, Sr. was a mailman. In 1919 he was struck and killed by a train while he was delivering mail in Ada, OK.
2)Gaston & Sarah are buried at Rosedale Cemetary Ada, OK.
3)Gaston and Sarah in 1906 are listed on the Ada(Oklahoma) School Census, Indian Territory. Gaston age 52, wife 45, 4 children in school: 2 girls(age 16-19) and 2 boys(age 12-14)*.
4)Marriage Records 1910 Ada, OK show Gaston,Jr.(of Ada), age 28 married to Clemmie E. Smith(of Ada), age 24, 12/15/1910.
5)Telia Dismukes(of Ada), age 16 married to C.W. Taylor(of Sasakwa) age 23, 3/16/1910.*
6)Informaiton provided by and credited to: Peggy Atwood of Ada, Oklahoma.
7)1900 Oklahoma Census.

b. 10/10/1889 Davis, OK
d. 9/25/1968 McAlester, OK
*Buried at Oak Hill Cemetary McAlester, OK.
*Married to Florence Lee LEWALLEN 12/23/1916 OK.

b.3/16/1897 Enterprise, OK
d.8/15/1992 McAlester, OK
*Burial Oak Hill Cemetery McAlester, OK.
*Parents are James Madison Lewallen & Lydia Jane Hern.

Children of George M. & Florence L.:
1)Telia Francis b.September 26, 1917 OK d.November 5, 1975 CO
2)James "Jim" Marvin b.December 17, 1921 OK d.September 1971 OK
3)Luther Earl b.December 17, 1921 OK d.August 30, 2002 OK
4)George Barbee b February 7, 1924 OK d. Anchorage, AK 5)Ellen Rose Lucil b.January 19, 1926 OK d.May 2002 Texas
6)Virginia Geneva b.January 3, 1923 OK d.1924 OK
7)Ardelia Sarah Dismukes b OK d.August 2013 OH, married to Bernie Schapiro b. Germany d. August 2013 OH 8)living; 9)living; 10)living; 11)living; and 12)living.

1)George M. Dismukes served 2yrs in the 2nd Infantry U.S. Army WWI.
2)Names of children, marriage dates, birth dates, and death dates taken from the family bible of Florence Lee Lewallen Dismukes.
2)1930 Oklahoma Census

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