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Related Surnames: Dismukes, Hall, Hearne, Lain, Owens, Tyler, and Wolfe.
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This page last updated: 04/06/2006

*Please note the various spellings over the years consisting of Lewallen, Lewellen, Llewellyn, Lewellyn, Luallen, Luellen, and Luiellen just to name a few variations.

Generation I

b. 1790 Tennessee
d. 1849 in Jackson Co., Alabama

b.1794 TN
d.after 1860 Mississippi

**Known Siblings of Daniel:
John, Peyton, Freeman, Sarah, Polly, Elizabeth, and Cynthia.*

**Known Children of Daniel Luallen and Elizabeth Lain:
1)Charles b.1813 TN
2)William b.1818 AL
3)James b.1820 AL
4)Monroe Wilson b.1823 AL
5)Madison b.1825 AL
6)Preston b.1832 AL
7)Freeman b.1833 AL
8)Daniel b.1834 AL
9)Andrew Jackson b.1835 AL
10)Polly Lewallen married ? Hamons
11)M.J. Lewallen married ? Lipscomb.

(**There are supposedly more children, if you know the names then email me and let me know.)

1)Land patent 1834 Jackson Co., Ala.
2)Arkansas Federal Land Records.
3)Marriage records for Jackson County, Alabama
4)1850 Census of Jackson Co., Ala.
5)1833 Jackson County, Alabama land patent.

6)Siblings of Daniel Luallen information credited to cousin Tom Lewallen, from Cynthia Luallen's probate records listing Daniel and others as her siblings.

7)1860 US Federal Census Tishomingo Co., MS

Generation II

b. 1813 in TN.
d. 1848 in ALA.
*Wife:: Caltha (Lastname unknown)
b.1818 KY*
d.after 1880 Ark.*

*Known Children of Charles & Caltha:
1)Almarinda b.8/5/1835 Ala d.1904 AR
2)Jordan b.11/29/1838 Ala d.11/25/1905 Canadian, OK,
3)Mary b.11/28/1842 Ala d.1/13/1925 Enterprise, OK. Ala
4)Charles b.1/1846 Ala. d.Aft.1910 OK.

**Known Children born after death of Charles to Caltha and unknown male.
5)Amanda b.1851 Ark married to Andrew Jackson.

1)Jackson County, Alabama, petition for guardianship of mnor children by Daniel Luallen father of Charles 1848.

2)1850 Census of Jackson County, Alabama.

3)1858 Independence County, Arkansas: Persons & Property accessed for Taxation.
4)1880 Census shows Caltha Lewallen living in the home of daughter Amanda in Pope Co., Ark.

1)Jordan and Charles (Luallen)Lewallen served in the B Company 2nd Regiment Union Infantry of Arkansas in the Civil War, rank of Private.

2)Almarinda married Rev. Joseph E. Venable June17, 1850 Jackson Co., Ala.

3)Mary married to Jasper Lafayette Hamlin.

4)Jasper L. Hamlin served in B company 2nd Regiment of the Arkansas UNION Infantry in the Civil War.

5)Ages of Caltha, Jordan, Charles jr, and Mary are taken from the 1850 Jackson Co., Alabama Census.

6)The age of Mary from Mary's tombstone.)

7)Information on Almarinda credited to Lynn Garrett.)

Generation III

b.11/29/1838 Jackson Co., Alabama
d.11/29/1905 Canadian, OK
**Jordan age 20, married to Priscilla TYLER age 18, on 8/27/1857 in Independence Co., Ark.*

b.3/7/1840* Ark.
d.1/2/1919 Checotah, OK
**Priscilla's parents are Thomas and Priscilla TYLER of Independence Co., Ark.

*Jordan and Priscilla's known Children:
1)James Madison b.8/2/1857.*
2)John Wesley b.9/1/1860.*
3)Henry b.1861.
4)Jinsa b.5/8/1862.*
5)George b.1865.*
6)Lewis "Lee" b.3/23/1870.*
7)Dora (Amanda/Matilda) b.8/7/1874.**
8)Laura b.2/1/1877.*
9)Nora b.1881.*
10)Alice b.1879.*
11)Charles "Charlie" b.11/1883.*
12)Daniel b.1/7/1873.*
13)Clara b.1/7/1886.*

*Names of Jordan Lewallen's children from a book wrote by Dora Lewallen Stinson, info passed on to me by HarveyGene.)

1)Independence County, Arkansas Marriage Records
2)1858 Independence County, Arkansas: Persons & Property accessed for Taxation.
3)Civil War: Luallen(Lewallen), Jordan; B Company, 2nd Regiment Arkansas UNION Infantry; rank induction and discharged = Private.

4)1870 Census of Pope County, Arkansas
ID#AR126328017; Griffin Township, Pope County, Ark.
5)1875 Arkansas Land Records.

6)1900 Census of Choctaw Nation Indian Territory.

7)1910 Census of McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

8)Pope County, Arkansas marriage records.

9)Marriage Records of Choctaw Nation Territory:
--Lewallen, Nora age 16 married Chas. Martindale age 25, both of Enterprise, OK on 7/19/1896.
--Lewallen, Laura age 16 married John T. Spaulding age 22, both of Enterprise, OK on 7/21/1892.
--Lewallen, Alice age 18 married Frank Brown age 23, both of South Canadian, OK on 12/27/1894.
--Spaulding, Eva age 24 married M.A.Freeman Hopper age 26 on 5/10/1902.

10)1910 Census of McIntosh County, Oklahoma.
11)John Wesley Lewallen b.9/1/1860 Ark. d.11/31/1936 Kansas City, KS, buried in Memorial Park Cemetary.
-Married to Sarah Pedergraft b.9/1864 Noel, MO d.3/15/1904 Canadian, OK.
--son Melvin M. b.12/19/1892 Enterprise, OK d.1949 Kansas City, KS; married to Edna Clark.

Generation IV

b. 8/2/1857 Ark.
d. 10/12/1912 OK
*Married to Lydia Jane HEARNE in Pope County, Ark. 8/23/1877.

b. 2/14/1859 Ark.
d. 9/26/1906 OK, died of Breast Cancer
*Lydia's parents are George W. HERN* and Mary S. OWENS*.

*James and Lydia's known Children:
1)Emmer "Emma"
2)Alfred b.1889 AR
3)Marion Jard b.1900 OK
7)Mary Bell (died young as a result of birth defect).
1)Alfred married Pearl Priest.
2)Florence and William are buried at the Oak Hill Cemetary, McAlester, OK.
3)William had 1 son Bill LEWALLEN.
4)Emmer "Emma" had 4 children:Nora, Sylvia, Nellie, and John. Emma is buried in McIntosh County, OK, she lived in the Council Hill community 10 miles from Checotah.
5)Jerde married to Lucy Allen. CA.

1)1860-1892 Pope County, Arkansas Marriages: Lewallen, James M. age 20 of Moreland Township to Hearne, Lydia age 18 of Wilson Township on August 23, 1877.

2)1880 Census of Pope County, Arkansas. Lydia J. age 20 b.Ark; parents born TN, GA.

3)1910 Census of Oklahoma.
4)World War 1 Draft Registration Cards.

Generation V

b. 3/16/1897 Enterprise, OK
d. 8/15/1992 McAlester, OK
*Married George Marvin DISMUKES 12/23/1916 in OK.

*Florence lived in Arpelar, Ok, a small community out side of McAlester, OK. A first cousin Charlotte Lewallen, deeded her the family home in the late 1950's or early 60's.

*Florence and George's children:
1)Telia, 2)James "Jim", 3)Luther, 4)Ellen, 5)Virginia, 6)(living), 7)(living), 8)(living), 9)(living), 10)(living), 11)(living), and 12)(living).

Generation VI

DISMUKES, (Living)
*married Jimmie J. Roach.
6 children all living.
16 grandchildren all living.
9 great-grand daughters living.
3 great-grand sons living.

Generation VII

ROACH, (Living)
*married (living) Johnson

1)More information on George Dismukes can be found on the Dismukes Surname page)

2)Names and dates of children credited to Florence Lewallen Dismukes's family bible.

3)For a more detailed listing of descendents of Daniel Lewallen then view the Lewallen Surname Info page #2.


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