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The New Cybersquad

“The grand finale.”

Part I

“Shocking revelations.”

By Lucas Harrell

When we were leaving Battle World, we were all tired. That didn’t stop Q from keeping us from going home.

Lucas’ ankle hurt. The bones still yet to set properly after a Shadow corps broke it a few days prior.

“Q,” Lucas said, “What the hell is this all about?”

“I’m sorry to keep you, but this is important,” Q said, “It’s the true origin of the two entities that you call GigaTron and Samura-1.”

“Samurai-1 was made by accident,” I said, “The same with, I’ve always assumed, GigaTron.”

“And you assume wrong,” Q said, “And Samurai-1 wasn’t made as she had told you. And the same with GigaTron and the person who collaborates with him. You see, your reality isn’t supposed to exist on its own.”

“What do you mean?” Bea asked.

“Your reality was supposed to be the same as your friends, the Power Rangers: Twilight Generation,” Q said, “An entity entered into the reality, and effectively split it. The entity went into your reality to rule.”

“GigaTron,” T.J. said. Q nodded.

But an entity for the side of good entered into you reality, to stop him,” Q finished.

“Samurai-1,” I said. Q nodded again.

“Why don’t we go into the past, stop him there?” I said.

“Then you wouldn’t even exist,” Q said, “It would erase everything the reality you live in.”

“Then what do we do?” I asked.

“You stop GigaTron here, and now,” Q said, “And bring the two realities together. To do this, you must know GigaTron’s past.” He snapped his fingers, and all of a sudden, we found ourselves in a different place. A man stood not too far away, with his back to us.

“Who is that?” Bea whispered.

“There is no need to whisper,” Q said, “He can’t hear you. That is the person who would later become GigaTron.”

“That’s GigaTron?” I was surprised. All of a sudden, the man turned around, and I received an even bigger shock. “He looks just like Jackie.”

“He would,” Q said, “He’s Jackie’s ancestor. His name is Jacobas, which I believe is your ‘Jackie’s’ real first name. Jacobas Mointaya.”

“That would explain his nasty disposition,” T.J. said.

“The man who would be GigaTron made a major discovery then,” Q said, ignoring T.J’s flippant remarks. “Watch.”

The man started laughing, almost maniacally so. “They’ll pay for laughing at me,” he said, “They’ll see what I was telling the truth. This new technology will help me rule the world.” He held up a suit.

“Wait a minute,” I replied, my eyes going wide. “That’s a...”

“Cybersquad suit,” Q said, “Yes, I know. He found it aboard an alien ship that crashed landed several miles from here. This is the town that will one day become Cabot, Arkansas, back in the time period you call the Revolutionary War.”

“And now, to test it,” the man said. He strapped on his suit. All of a sudden, sparks flew from it and a bright light emanated from it. All of us had to shield our eyes, or we would have been blinded. When we unshielded them, we found our old enemy standing where the slightly crazy man stood.

“At last,” GigaTron said, “I’m free.”

“An alien entity was inhabiting the armor,” Q said, “Waiting for a chance to be set free. Jacobas Mointaya ceased to exist at this point. His soul was taken to Heaven, where it belonged, even after the evil thoughts he had before he had died. And he left behind a son, and the line went on.”

“And now,” GigaTron, “I shall take over this pitiful world.” With that, he jumped through the window.

“I don’t get it,” Bea said, “There couldn’t have been anyone to fight him back then. If he had taken over the world, he would still run it now.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Q said, “And also where Samurai-1 comes into play.” He snapped his fingers, and all of a sudden, we found ourselves at the site of what looked to be a UFO crash. A woman was sifting through the rubble there. “That is Sarah Mankenko.”

She found a suit identical to the GigaTron suit, except it had a faint pink color to it. She put it on. There was a faint flash of light, and the suit disappeared. “Samurai-1 didn’t take over her body,” Q said, “It was more of a symbiotic relationship. Since Samurai-1, or S-1 as you call her, didn’t have physical body, Sarah’s body was stayed the same. And now, the battle begins.”

Q snapped his fingers, and we found ourselves in a huge palace, but underground. “This is a few years later,” Q said, “S-1 tried fighting GigaTron on her own, but was defeated. Sarah’s body was destroyed, and the suit send itself back to the ship, where it stayed for some time.”

“And you still haven’t answered my question,” I pointed out.

“Ah, yes,” Q said, “Your question. Samurai-1 was a telepath, but was really only powerful when she had a host. She sent a mental call out to four special young people. I do believe you’ll recognize them.” He snapped his fingers, and we found ourselves back in the alien ship. Four people stood in front of us. When they turned around, we all gasped. They looked exactly like us.

“So, they’re our ancestors?” Bea asked.

“That they are,” Q said, “But please be quiet, and watch. Listen, too.” We all closed our mouths.

“GigaTron has practically taken over the world, and someone needs to stop him.” We knew S-1’s voice anywhere. She was talking through some speakers. “I will bestow on you four special suits of armor.” Slightly more primitive models of our suits appeared in our ancestor’s hands.

“Beatrice Highman, please step forward,” S-1 said. Bea’s ancestor did as she was told. “I bestow on you the Spryte armor . Your weapon, a recharging blaster. Do you accept?”

“I do,” Bea’s ancestor said. The armor went from in her hands to flowing around her.

“Timothy Hubbard, please step forward,” S-1 said. T.J.’s ancestor did as he was told. “I bestow on you the ‘Smith cyber armor, and your weapon is the katana. Do you accept?”

“I do,” Timothy said. His armor did the same as Bea’s ancestor’s.

“Cheryl Bozeman, step forward,” S-1 said. My ancestor did as she was told. “I bestow on you the Tinkerer armor. Your weapon is the glaive. Do you accept?”

“I do,” My ancestor said. Her armor flowed to be around her.

“Last, but certainly not least,” S-1 said, “Archibald Lucas, step forward.” Lucas’ ancestor did as he was told. “I bestow on you the Servo armor. Your weapon is the long sword. Do you accept?”

“I do,” he said. His armor flowed to be around him.

“All you have to do for the armor to recede is to simply will it away,” S-1 said. The armor slowly flowed off of them.

“And thus began a long war,” Q said. All of a sudden, images flashed in our minds, of battles. “It was long and drawn out.”

Then, we were on what was obviously a battlefield. Our ancestor’s were in the midst of a terrific battle with GigaTron.

“This would prove to be a turning point,” Q said, “Watch.” All of a sudden, GigaTron took Bea’s weapon and shot her with it. Since it was on the same wave length as her armor, it went right through, hurting her badly. And GigaTron left. The others picked her up gently and teleported back to the ship.

She died before they got there. “She, of course, left an infant,” Q said, “The baby grew up with her grandparents. The name Highman was later changed to Hightower, as her descendent would know.” We all hung our heads mournfully, as the other members of the team placed Bea’s ancestor in the ground.

That did turn out to be a turning point, for what seemed to be the worst. My ancestor was the next to die, then Timothy, T.J.’s ancestor. We knew that, like Bea’s ancestor, all of ours had to have had kids, or we wouldn’t even be around.

It all came down to Lucas’ ancestor, Archibald. “I can’t do this on my own,” he told S-1, “How can I beat that monster, when it’s killed three of my own?”

“If you have faith in yourself, you can do anything,” Samurai-1 said, “You have to have confidence in yourself, and you can overcome all odds.”

“Right,” Archibald said, “Have confidence in myself.” And then, a siren went off. “Well, here goes.” With that, he teleported out.

When he got to the battlefield, he faced down GigaTron. “Oh, Servo’s all alone,” GigaTron said, “What’s the matter, have no one else to turn to?”

“No, thanks to you,” Archie said, “Let’s go.” With that, the final battle of the original Cybersquad in our reality went down.

But not even Archibald knew what the real reason was behind S-1 sending him into battle. He was a diversion, so that she could contain the suit. The only problem is that GigaTron’s bonding was completely irreversible.

Archibald was fighting valiantly, but it was obvious from the get go that he was going to lose. But he didn’t give up, though. He kept in the battle, hacking at GigaTron, no matter what.

“The stubborness isn’t inherited, eh Lucas?” Q asked.

“I guess so,” Lucas replied. He was too enraptured in the fight to respond with anything else.

Archbald finally fell, though. GigaTron had finally hacked through the armor, and lopped his head clean off.

Then, GigaTron noticed that something was wrong. “Noo,” it said, “I can’t be contained. Not now. I still have a world to run.”

“No, you don’t.” GigaTron’s head snapped up, to see a ghost image of Samurai-1 standing above him. She pointed a diamond at him. “This ends here. For now, at the very least.” With that, a bright green beam shown from the diamond and hit GigaTron square in the chest.

“And so,” Q said, “GigaTron was defeated, contained. But not destroyed. Samurai-1 wiped the memories of everybody on Earth, and all records. There was no recollection of GigaTron’s rule. One last trip.” He snapped his fingers again, and we found ourselves in the cyber realms. “This is where Samurai-1 sent GigaTron after the cyber realms were created.” We saw a big cell block. All of a sudden, something happened. Some kind of corrosive substance dropped onto it. Within seconds, the cell block was eaten away.

“I’m free,” GigaTron cried, “After all these centuries.” With that, he disappeared.

“Samurai-1 made one, accidental mistake,” Q said, “She left GigaTron on someone’s computer connection to the cyber realms. A computer virus was the corrosive substance that you saw. I can not tell you exactly who’s computer, for my own reasons. You will find out the identity of your enemy soon enough. Watch.”

A bright light appeared before us. “GigaTron has been set free,” it said. It was Samurai-1. “And now, I have to chose new defenders.” With that, she left, to go to Lucas’ computer, and lie to all of us about her creation.

“And now, I must leave you,” Q said, “But remember this: to beat GigaTron, each of you has to have confidence in yourself and in all of you, as a team. Only working together, can you destroy it. It is your destiny to destroy GigaTron and bring the two timelines together again, the way they were supposed to be.”

With that, he snapped his fingers, and we headed towards our destiny.

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