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The Grand Finale

This is it. The series finale of The New Cybersquad. Some shocking secrets about GigaTron and Samurai-1, as well as the Cybersquad's powers, are revealed. And that's all just in the first part.

The second part shows the Cybersquad celebrating the success of their radio station, with a couple of their friends. They have a serious discussion concerning the future, and Bea has something surprising to tell Lucas.

The third part has the Cybersquad gearing up for the final battle, as one last revelation is made to them, one that could turn the tide.

The fourth, and final, part shows the ultimate showdown, as Servo takes on GigaTron one on one, for the fate of two realities.

After the story, there's a note I've written to you, the readers. Please take the time to read it when you can.

And now, on with the show.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV