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The New Cybersquad

“The grand finale.”

Part II


By Lucas Harrell

When we finally found ourselves in Lucas’s room, we weren’t so tired anymore. “S-1,” Lucas said, “Why didn’t you ever tell us your true origin? Why did you keep it from us?”

“I was oath-bound to keep it from you,” Samurai-1 said, “By the powers that truly created myself and GigaTron. I never meant to lie to you.”

“We make a pact, here and now,” T.J. said, “It ends soon, one way or another. Agreed?”


“I say we’ll have to wait until GigaTron decides to show his ugly face,” I said, “What say we all get some sleep?” We all agreed and Cheryl and T.J. went to their respective homes, via cyberspace. And I went to my room.

The next morning, we all headed for school. It turns out that Q had brought us back mere minutes after he had taken us, so we didn’t miss any school. It was a Thursday, so we were wired for the weekend.

Lucas now know how the Power Rangers on the show felt about school after saving the galaxy. It seemed the slowest time of day. Even working at the radio station didn’t help drive away the boredom.

“School seems so trivial after what we went through,” he said to the others. “I mean, we helped take on the three mightiest evil beings in the multi-verse, and lived to talk about it. I just can’t take school real seriously after that.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, bro,” T.J. said, “Even the radio station doesn’t do it for me anymore.”

“Come on, guys,” I said, “We can’t give up our school life.”

“Bea’s right,” Cheryl said, “We have to go on with our lives, and pretend the war never happened because, as far as anyone else in the multiverse is concerned, it never did happen.”

“But what about what we learned from Q afterwards?” Lucas inquired, “We’re supposed to give up our reality’s individuality. Though it would be cool to see Tom and the rest of ‘em on what’ll probably be a daily basis, I don’t know if I want to do that or not.”

“It’s been taken out of our hands, hon,” I said, “We have to defeat GigaTron, or something bad will happen.”

“Comes with too high a price, if you ask me,” T.J. retorted, “I mean, where will we live? Here, or in Angel Grove?”

“I’d say that, more than likely, we’ll be staying here,” Lucas said, “Q had no right to leave us still in the dark about this. There’s so much we don’t know about the time the two worlds will merge.”

“There must have been a reason he didn’t shed some light on that,” I said.

Lucas snorted. “Yeah, right,” he said, “Q doesn’t need a reason to do something, or not do something, as the case may be.”

“I guess you would know better than us,” T.J. said, “Well, come on, Cheryl, before we’re out after curfew. Bye, guys.”

“Bye.” T.J. and Cheryl went out to his car, and drove off.

“Summer’s coming up,” I said, “It’ll give us something to look forward to, and to hope that the world’s merging won’t mess with it.”

“Too true,” Lucas said, “Well, it could be a worse reality to merge with. We could be merged into the Age of Apocalypse.” We both shivered at that. He gave me a kiss good night and I went to my room.

The next morning, we headed to school. After our group heart to heart, T.J. and Lucas felt differently about school.

“Hey, guys,” Curt said, as him and Michelle joined us at the lunch table. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much, really,” I replied, “Just enjoying our break. Who’s supposed to relieve Mr. Babb after lunch?”

“Me,” Cheryl said.

“Good,” I said, “Anyone catch the school paper, so we can catch our reviews?”

“Right here,” Michelle said, handing me a newspaper. I opened it to the reviews page, and read aloud what I saw there.

“WWFBK is back, and going strong,” I read, “Mr. Babb is good for the early morning, though who ever listens to a radio that early?” We all laughed. “Cheryl is bad to bone, no pun intended. Curt and Michelle’s request line is rocking. And Sportzmeister is great, telling the games over the weekend. But the real stars are Bea and the Butler. They bring new life to the radio station the most.”

When I got done, we all cheered and high fived each other. We were a big hit, and, suddenly, Lucas seemed to have the urge to celebrate. Not now, but after school. “Hey, guys,” he said, ‘Party at my cabin tonight. All weekend in fact, if our parents will let us.”

“I know mine will let me,” Cheryl said. That went without saying. Her parents let her do just about anything. Well, grandparents, really.

“I might have a wee bit of a problem convincing my dad, but I’ll more than likely be able to go, too,” T.J. said.

“Anywhere you go, I go,” I said, slipping my arm through his. We all looked at Michelle and Curt.

“Yeah, I bet my parents would go for it,” Curt said, “I’m there.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to or not,” Michelle said, “I’ll call you guys after school when I find out, either way.” We nodded. The lunch bell rang, and we went to our different classes.

After school, Lucas and I went to the house to get our stuff together.

“This is going to be a blast,” I said.

“Oh yeah,” Lucas said, “It’s the perfect thing to temporarily take our minds off the current situation. And it’ll give us some time to get away and spend some time with our friends.” I nodded and smiled. “What?”

“I’ll never forget what Feril once told me,” I said, “She said that you and I have something special, something she’s barely seen before, in all of the timelines she’s visited, even in their timeline now. We’re one of few couples that are best friends and lovers, and we’ve a bright future ahead of us, while her and the Rangers have to put their lives on the line, not knowing when, or if, they’ll be coming back.”

“We run the same risks,” Lucas said, “Maybe not as often, but we do.”

“True,” I said. Just then, the phone rang. Lucas picked it up.

“Hello?” When he started talking, I could tell that he was on the line with Michelle. “That’s great. I’ll see you in a little while, then. Bye.” He hung up, and the smile on his face told it all. “Michelle can go.”

“Awesome,” I said, “It’s going to be a blast.” We quickly packed some bags and put them into Lucas’ car. We then sat in the car and waited for T.J., Cheryl, Curt, and Michelle.

They didn’t keep us waiting long. Lucas couldn’t help but groan when I saw all of the bags the girls had. “We’re only going up there for the weekend,” he teased. he dodged the playful swipe I made at him. We loaded everything up and got in.

A little while later, we were at the cabin. We picked our rooms and settled in for the weekend.

Then, we went downstairs and watched some movies that Lucas had brought from his personal movie library and a few he had rented. “What do we watch first, Scream or Phantasm?” I asked.

“Phantasm,” was the unanimous reply.

“Phantasm it is then,” Lucas said. He meant the entire series, including the just released part four. He had heard from a friend that the ending sucked, but had decided to rent it and see for himself.

He popped in the video and sat back, putting his arm around me. I snuggled in closer and we watched the movie.

When it started getting late, we climbed on the roof to watch the sunset across the valley. It was beautiful, as always.

“This is great,” T.J. said, “Just the six of us. What are we ever going to do year after next, after we graduate? We won’t have nearly as much time to spend with each other like we do now.”

“But any time together would be great,” Cheryl said, “I mean, Lucas and Bea will get to see each other every day, and night for that matter, since they live right across the hall from each other.” Lucas and I couldn’t help but blush at that.

“We’ll just have to find time for each other,” I said, “We’re friends to the end, right?” I put my hand out.

“Right,” Lucas said, putting his hand on top of mine.

“Always,” Curt said, adding his hand to Lucas’.

“We shall never part,” Michelle said, putting hers on top of Curt’s.

“At least, not for very long ,” T.J. said, adding his hand to the pile.

“Friends forever,” Cheryl said, making the pile complete with her hand.

We stayed up on the roof for some time, before finally climbing down and heading off to bed.

Lucas and I were in the room we shared, trying our best to ignore the sounds from the rooms’ on either side of us and trying to get some sleep.

“Lucas? Are you awake?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s a little hard to sleep,” he replied, “Too noisy.”

I giggled at that. “Did you mean what you said?” I inquired, “About having kids, I mean?”

“Yeah, I did, and I still do,” Lucas said. I was talking about the time we had sat down and had a long discussion about having kids of our own right before Q dragged us off to fight Trelane. “I would love to have some kids, if you want to.”

“I was afraid of that,” I said, almost too softly for me to hear.

“What do you mean?”

I had my back to him, so I turned around to face him. “Lucas, I... I lied when I took got the results from the pregnancy test that night. I am pregnant.” He was so shocked, he couldn’t talk for several minutes. Thinking that he was angry, I almost turned away again, but he gently stopped me. “Are you mad at me, for lying to you?”

“No, I’m not,” he said. This time, it was her turn to be surprised. “Surprised as hell, but not angry. What are you going to do?”

“I’m not doing anything,” I said, “We’re going to decide what to do about this.”

“I’d love to have a child, even at this early age,” Lucas said honestly, “But I’m not the one who will have to carry it to term. I have to consider your feelings, your thoughts, not just mine.”

“You are so sweet,” I said, “Always putting my wants, my needs, ahead of yours. I think I want this baby.”

“Then, that’s it, I guess,” Lucas said, rather dramatically. “We’re going to be parents in about nine months. Let’s go tell the others.”

“No, it can wait until morning,” I said, “Besides, I think they’ve got other things in mind.” I laughed.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Lucas said. Then, I yawned, which set him off. I turned back around and snuggled back against him. Lucas gently wrapped his arms around my waist, careful of the tiny life that was there.

“So sweet, so gentle,” I murmured sleepily, before drifting off to sleep. Lucas was quick to follow.

The next morning, we decided to tell the others after we had breakfast. “Oh no, you don’t,” Lucas said, as I started setting the table. He gently took the plates from me. “You need to save your strength. I’ll get everything ready and serve everybody. You sit down and relax.” The others were giving him strange looks, but he ignored them.

With an exaggerated sigh, I sat down at the table. Lucas put the plates on the table and went into the kitchen, to get breakfast.

After breakfast, they all went into the living room. Lucas and I were gathering the nerves to tell them.

“Hey guys,” Lucas said, “Bea and I want to tell you about something.” They gave us their undivided attention. “A few days ago...” ‘About a week, to us who went to fight the Q war,’ Lucas thought. “... Bea and I received some fantastic news. We’re...”

“We’re going to have a baby,” I cried. The others cheered and got up and gave them both hugs, carefully so for me.

“So that explains your odd behavior in the kitchen,” T.J. said.

“I was getting in practice, you could say,” Lucas replied, “In a few months, I’ll be doing that a lot more often.”

“This calls for a real celebration,” Curt said. He slapped a CD into the player Michelle had brought with her. Dance music blared.

“Mind turning that down some?” Lucas asked. Curt did, because he knew Lucas’ hearing was keen and it had hurt his ears. Lucas gently grabbed me and we started dancing. The same with Cheryl and T.J. and Curt and Michelle, respectively.

We partied the rest of the day away. It was late before we got to bed. The next morning, we were all pretty tired. We left late into the day. When we got to Lucas’ house, we all went our separate ways.

That night, before dinner, Lucas and I came to the decision to tell what’s come to be our family about my pregnancy after dinner.

“Um, mom? I, we need to tell you something,” Lucas said. Windell was at work, and Lucas never knows where his brother was.

“What is it?”


“I’m pregnant,” I said bluntly.

That almost made Suzy drop the dish. “You’re kidding,” she said.

“I’m afraid not, mom,” Lucas said, “She took a test the other day, and it showed positive.”

“I’m going to be a grandmother? That’s great,” Suzy said. She came in for a hug. I was glad she wasn’t against it, and knew that things were going to be all right from now on. Now all we had to do is take out GigaTron.

Part III