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Ethics Committee Information


It is the goal of (center's name) to provide to all patients the most appropriate care possible within allowable circumstances. This will be accomplished by maintaining patient autonomy, respecting values and beliefs of staff members, and considering the interests of family members.


To provide a mechanism for consideration of ethical issues. The functions of the Ethics Committee will be education (of the committee members, physicians, staff members, patients, families, and the community); policy recommendation ; and case review.


The membership of the committee will be composed of standing positions to include Administrator, Social Worker, Medical Director, Director of Nursing, Chaplain or member of clergy, Dietitian, and a layperson. The Chairperson will be the Medical Director, DON, or Social Worker as so appointed by the committee. Ad Hoc positions will include appointments made by the Chairperson to be called to attend the committee when problems arise relative to that area. These may include, but are not limited to, Attorney, Therapist, Psychiatrist, Community Service Representative, and Certified Nursing Assistant.


The Committee will meet as needed.

A wide range of ethical issues will be under the committee's review to include but not limited to:

Resident Autonomy/Self-Determination

Life Threatening



Life Sustaining/Life Prolonging

Physical and Chemical Restraints

Quality of Life

Patient Advocacy Concerns

Problems of Impaired Staff

Application of Resources

The Committee will recommend effective ways of communicating the handling of ethical issues to the center; will provide support and education for the staff and community in dealing with ethical issues; and will function in an advisory role in dealing with issues that cannot be resolved by the patient, family, and center alone.