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New videos are finally up. I don't usually sell the videos but my band is touring for 16 days this july so they're $5 at shows and $7ppd via snail mail.If you have something to trade for them then e-mail me and we'll work something out.

e-mail me dudes:

The List:

-Charles Bronson (last fucking show!)

-Operation Ivy (last show)

-What Happens Next? @ the Bart Station in S.F

-The Locust @ Gilman St. Aug 2002

-Limp Wrist @ Chicago Fest

-Heresy video!!!! (info coming soon)

-LARM (2 different shows)

-Limp Wrist in Boston 4/29/01

-What Happens Next? @ ABC No Rio 2001

-Assuck @ ?,

-Plutocracy @ ?

-Crom in Van Nuys

-Discordance Axis @ ?

-Gordon Solie Motherfuckers in Cleveland, Ohio, 1/14/01

-Dropdead @ Uconn 3/10/02

-The Locust in Philadelphia 2001

-The Jellyroll Rockheads @ Koo's Cafe~Santa Ana, Ca 10/24/01

-Agathocles @ ???

I have the masters to most of the following vids

-Out of Vogue, HitMeBack, Apathetic Youth @ Headline Recs, 10/02

-HitMeBack, Kontraattaque, Scholastic Deth (last L.A show), Artimus Pyle @ the Smell, 6/2/02

-Out of Vogue, HMB, Shank, Breakfast @ Lafayette Center, 2/8/03

-Palpatine, Enewetak, Phobia, The Locust @ Public Storage. june 1998.

-Anti-product, Dystopia @ Public Storage. july(?) 1998

-Tarantulahawk, Dystopia @ the pch. sep. 1999

-Aversion, Sin Dios(first and only u.s show ever!) @ Labor Fruit, L.A oct. 2000

-The Oath, Total Fury, Life's Halt, What Happens Next? @ the Millenium Co-op, pomona. nov. 2000

-Aversion, Shitlist, State of Fear @ the Legion, H.P march 2001

-Carol Ann, Aversion, Contravene, Kontraattaque @ Unfazed. Phoenix, AZ, july 2001

- What Happens Next?, Life's Hal t(last show) + more. @ The Smell. dec. 2001

-Fronterrorismo, Reagan ss, Kontraattaque @ The Smell. dec 2001

-Scholastic Deth, LIE @ Koos Cafe, Dec. 2001

-Limp Wrist @ The Smell. 2001

-Scholastic Deth @ The Smell. march 2002

-Dystrophy, Apathetic Youth, HMB , Fields of Fire, Lab Rats, Scholastic Deth (last show) @ Mission Recs, July, 2002

-Vitamin X @ The Smell. april 2002

-Mates of State @ Sacred Grounds, San Pedro. jan. 2002

-Mates of State @ Spaceland in L.A, Aug. 2002

-Coacción, Kontraattaque (last show) @ the Galeria in City Terrace, Aug. 2002

-The Futures, Capitalist Casualties@ Gilman St, Nov. 2002

-HitMeBack, FUN, The Futures @ Mission Recs, Nov. 2002

-Dystopia @ The Smell, Dec. 2002

-Bumklaatt, Tragedy @ A house in L.A, Dec. 2002

-Coming soon: HitMeBack 'year 1 video'

-*crow @ gilman st. april 2000

-*final massakre.. somewhere in portland, or. 2000

-*confuse. tokyo, japan. 1986

Here are some I have but my homie Carlos has to look for it. I let him borrow them and can't seem to find them.

-armistice, phobia @ the bollocks, l.a. 1998

-excruciating terror

-armistice, dead america, discordia, divisia

-visual discrimination -final conflict