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DAAAAAAMN! I'ts been months since I last updated this site. But due to popular demand and constant emails, this site is coming back! Yeap, and this time it will be a more productive site to help bands get some shows outta town or where ever else I can help ya. I'm probably gonna bring up the GOSSIP section but with real bullshit thats been going on for a long time. So like that foos, check back soon for new pictures, and much more crap like that.

Hit me up on-line. My screen name is ElGranDingasso.

Feel free to e-mail me for anything,
Dingy Danny

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I've never been a fan of guestbooks but as much as I dislike them, there are people who sometimes want to ge in touch and a guestbook is their only way. This is here for that. Bust the session.

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Dinger dude at the Super Sabado Gigante Fest in L.A>