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I found this site in the Break-Fast site. It has many brutal pics by many Japanese bands like:Razors Edge, Swipe, etc...
In Dog We Trust

Fiesta Grande. Some bands in here are :Capitalist Casualtie, Phobia, Spazz etc...
Hardcore Pics

Jellyroll Rockheads in Reno, Nevada.

This site has some very good pics of bands like At the Drive-in, The I(N)C, and more mainstream bands like that.
Band Photography

Seein Red, DS 13, and a few others...
Bomben Komer

A very good photographer who wants you to ask permission for the use of his or her photos: TarantulaHawk, The Locust, Melt Banana, GoGoGo Airheart and a shitload more.
Rawk Pics

A few pics from Better Than a Thousand, Los Crudos, Dropdead, Straight Ahead and more...
Negative Pics