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Halloween poems 2.

Here are some more poems. The first one was written by me several years ago about a friend we knew at the time, called Gareth!!

THE CREEPY OLD GUY by Alison (c) 2000

A creepy old guy comes down our street
He pretends to smile at the people he'd meet
Behind his smile there's a sinister sneer
A glint in his eye is something quite queer

If you should see the creepy old guy
Cross over the street, don't catch his eye
Beware that smile, there's something within
If you look quite close, it's a wicked grin

So next time you're out, look around everywhere
In case the creepy old guy is standing there
Don't go to the woods, he might follow you
Or take a friend, it's safer with two

If you hear a cackle in the middle of night
Your blood runs cold, you quiver with fright
It's the creepy old guy, he's somewhere about
So stay in your house... Don't venture out!!

GHOSTS by Eric Maple

When goblins hunt and devils roar
And witches meet on blasted heath
And bony hands knock on my door
You'll hear the chatter of my teeth.

When owls are hooting in the night
And ravens croak from leafless trees
And ghosts come howling gleaming white
You'll hear the knocking of my knees.

Of course, it's not that I'm afraid.
It's just the way my bones are made.

JOLLY JACK by Kathryn Jackson

I'll make a jack-o'-lantern
Of this pumpkin, round and big;
With a carrot for a nose, and
Lots of parsley for a wig;

He'll have two big leaves for ears,
And a cut-out jolly grin,
To say to folks on Halloween,
'Hello there! Come on in!'

GHOSTS by Harry Behn

A cold and starry darkness moans
And settles wide and still
Over a jumble of tumbled stones
Dark on a darker hill.

An owl among those shadowy walls,
Gray against gray
Of ruins and brittle weeds, calls
And a soundless swoops away.

Rustling over scattered stones
Dancers hover and sway,
Drifting among their own bones
Like the webs of the Milky Way.


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