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Recipe - Skull Cake


Dissolve the butter, sugar, golden syrup and cocoa in a saucepan until just warm.

Crush the digestive biscuits well in a mixing bowl using the end of a wooden rolling pin. Add the liquid to this and mix well.

Now shape the mixture into the skull. Do this on to greaseproof paper on which you have drawn the outline of the skull. Make indentations for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Allow the cake to harden off in the fridge for a few hours.

To ice the cake.

Mix a little water with about 4 oz [100g] if icing sugar, keeping the mixture as stiff as possible.

Ice the skull, avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth. When the icing has hardened apply a second coat, using the remaining 100g of sugar mixture.

Allow the cake to set completely in the fridge. Then remove it from the greaseproof paper and transfer it to a square cake board which has been covered with a black plastic bin-liner.


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