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Spetses has no international airport. Best is to fly to the capital Athens and from there take the ferry from Piraeus to Spetses.

Spetses is a small island situated in the Saronic Gulf, just west of the island of Hydra. It lies just far enough away from Athens to escape from the large group of day trippers that come from the capital Athens and still it has good connections to the port of Piraeus. Normally there are several ferries a day that visit the island, most of which belongs to the group of faster ferries. The journey on these fast boats takes approximately two and half to three hours. There is also a regular connection from Spetses with Porto Heli which is located on the opposite mainland. This trip takes much shorter (about 10 minutes). Smaller tourist boats sail from the island of Spetses to the village of Kosta on the mainland, where you can find a nice beach.
To check the schedules and (if you want) to by a ferry ticket online - click here.

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