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Spetses played an important role in the independence of Turkey. In the Museum of Spetses Town lie the bones of a famous freedom fighter and woman who lived on the island. Her name was Laskarina Bouboulina and she was an admiral.

The sea cave at Bekeri Agioi Anargiri Beach. This cave was used as a hideout by the inhabitants of the island during the war with the Turks.

On the edge of the old port lies the Agios Nikolaos monastery, which is also the seat of the bishop of the island. The monastery is situated on a beautiful square with mosaics. It was built in 1805 and has a pretty bell tower which is made of white marble that comes from the island of Tinos. On the island of Spetses are other fine old churches and monasteries from the early Christian and Byzantine time, like the Agia Triada church and the Agia Marina chapel, both in Spetses Town.

nearby attractions on the mainland include Epidaurus and Corinth. You can also easily make day trips from Spetses to some nearby islands (such as Hydra or Poros).

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