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The island of Rhinia or Rinia in Greece

Rhinia is one of the small islands immediately southwest of the island of Mykonos in the Cyclades archipelago. It is a hilly and fairly dry island where you can find a couple of beautiful sandy beaches. Rhinia is located next to the all-important archaeological island of Delos. The channel between the two islands is about 100 meters.

The area of Rhinia is about four times as large as Delos and sometimes it is also called "Large Delos" called. Rhinia is the old cemetary of the inhabitants of the "sacred" island of Delos, where nobody could be buried and where no births were allowed. Old cemeteries on Delos were emptied and the bones were reburied in Rhinia. Old and sick people and pregnant women were removed from Delos and brought to Rhinia. On Rhinia you can see remnants of tombstones and people say that the island is haunted. The objects that have been excavated are on display in the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos.

Rhinia is an uninhabited island with no amenities. So you can not stay overnight in a hotel here and unfortunately there are no tour boats that visit the island. These all go to the excavations on the island of Delos. The only way to see the island is with your own boat. This is why there are almost no tourists on Rhinia. Residents of Mykonos that have a boat sometimes escape the crowds on their own island, and look for the peace and quiet of Rhinia.

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