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The island of Psathoura in Greece

The remote and uninhabited island of Psathoura in the Sporades is home to one of the tallest lighthouses in the Aegean. It is situated in the north side of the island and it was built in 1895. The lighthouse is 28.9 meters tall and gives a signal / flash of one second every ten seconds. It is constructed from dark vulcanic stone from the island of Skopelos. The island of Psathoura is more flat than other islands near to it, like for instance Gioura. Its highest point is only 14 meters. Psathoura is the northernmost island in the group and the surface of the island is only 2 km2.

Psathoura is a vulcanic and thus fertile island and there is a nice sandy beach where in the beginning of the summer the rare white beach lilly grows grows in abundance. There is also a sunken city, the city of Psathoura, which could also be geological formations that look like an underwater town. They are at a depth of 10 to 17 meters. On the north side of the island there are ruins that look like an ancient fortress and on the south and west side of the island there are remains that date from Neolithic times.

A theory is that Psathoura is the site of an ancient place called Chrysi ("gold"), a town where gold mining took place. The story tells that this island was struck with disaster, was covered by the waves and sank into the sea.

Hans Huisman, Ikion Hotel, 2014
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