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Here is our verdict of just a few of the restaurants of Patmos that we have visited. It's not a very long list because we have a favorite (Pantelis) that we kept going back to. The ratings are personal, and things might have changed since our last visit.

Patmos Skala - Plaza Cafetaria
Patmos restaurants

This cafetaria is situated on the main square next to the post office. the breakfast is a bit more expensive than at Aigaio (see next retsuarants). I order a cappuccino instead of a nescafe that you will usually get if you don't say anything. The breakfast comes with butter and cake. the fried bacon is in separate slices, and there is fresh bread and two kinds of jam, No fresh orange juice, but you can order that for a little extra. We don't have to pay for our cappuccino at the end.

Our verdict: 8 out of 10.

Aigaio Café in Patmos Skala
Patmos restaurants

Snacks, breakfasts, coffee, croissants and sandwiches on the smaller square in the main street just behind the big square next to the post office. Nice and fresh bread, fresh ornage juice, cappuccino is okay and comes with a glass of water. The breakfast is cheap (6 euro in 2007). The second time unfortunately we get toasted bread instaed of fresh.

Our verdict: 7,5 out of 10.

Oassis Taverna in Grikos
Patmos restaurants

Salads, cheese pie and some small dishes are on the menu of this taverna in Grikos on Patmos. Ther is filter coffee and espresso. On the 12th and 13th of May there was not a lot to chose from yet, because the season had not stared yet, with apologies. The people are very friendly. You can sit in the shadow under the trees on the beach or on the covered terrace. The toilet here was a bit messy.

Our verdict: 7,5 out of 10.

Pantelis Restaurant in Skala Patmos
Patmos restaurants

Our favorite restaurant on Patmos, eversince we first set foor on the island. It is situated in the first side street on the right side of the square, where you can also find the bakery (the street behind the boulevard). It is popular with the Greek people and it is always busy. The white wine is delicious and cold. The fava and tzaziki are good and come in large portions. The chicken with potatoes is nice, just as the meatballs in tomato sauce, the mousake (large piece) and the saganaki (fried cheese). Grosso has been working her as a waitress for as long as we can remember, and all the people working here have been the same people for a long time. Also because they are so friendly and the atmospere is so cozy you go and have dinner here. With out meal we get fried eggplants with a dip for free. The portions are generous, and asif you haven't eaten for days. Minus: the bread is not in one piece, what makes you wonder in how many baskets it was before it ended up on your table.

Our verdict: 9 out of 10.

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