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First there are of course the two beaches in Skala, the ferry harbour, but in the close surroundings of this village and on walking distance there are other nice beaches. Grikos, at about a five kilometer distance from Skala, is a former fishing village that has been growing out to be one of the tourist resorts on the island of Patmos, with a variety of hotels, apartments, studios and some restaurants. In this village there is a nice beach with a couple of tavernas to have a bite to eat. Also between Skala and Grikos, in the Sapsila Bay, there is a small beach. The village of Grikos is a small tourist place in the bay of Petra, with the remains of an antique building on a rock at the entrance. The bay of Petra is protected because of the island of Tragonisi in front of it.

Meloi Beach is a little walk to the other side, north of Skala. It is a sandbeach and it is pretty good. At this beach you will find the camping of Patmos and there is also a taverna. Beyond this beach are some more beaches, of which Agrolivado is the first one. Here you can also have something to eat or drink, because there are a couple of tavernas at the beach.

Further up north is the beach of Kampos which is also turned into a small tourist resort complete with a taverna, a mini market and watersports-facilities. From the beach at Kampos the road leads to the other beaches: the beaches of Vagia, Lampis and Livadi Geranou.

The beach of Vagia is situated in a small bay/cove and it is ideal for people that love it quiet. It is a sandbeach with some pebbles. There are no facilities on this beach (so no restaurant and such, bring your own water and food, or a bit behind the beach there is a taverna).

The beach of Geranou is situated at the northeast coast of Patmos. It is a pebble beach with some larger stones, and the last part you have to walk over an unpaved road through fields that are closed with fences (they keep goats in this area, so you are requested to close the gates behind you). on this beach there are no facilities and it is a quiet place.

Patmos Patmos Patmos Patmos Patmos
Patmos Patmos Patmos Patmos Patmos

The beach of Livadi Kalogiron is situated in the northwest of Patmos. This beach is quite large with pebbles and small stones, and it can be reached over an unpaved curling path that leads off a mountain.

The beach of Lampis is also situated in the north of Patmos. This is a pebble beach with colorful pebble-stones. On the beach there is a taverna that is opened during the high season, and outside of that period it would off course be wise to bring a bottle of water and something toy eat. You can reach Lampis beach over the road that leads from Kampos.

The third beach on the northcoast (in the northwest) is called Lefkon. It is a pebble beach. because of its position the beach is usually litttered with piles of seaweed. The last part of the road to Lefkon is unpaved.

In the south of Patmos island is the beach of Psili Amos. This is the most beautiful beach of the island, but also the most difficult to reach. There are some tamarisk trees for shade and there is a small taverna. Allthough naturisme is officially forbidden on the religious island of Patmos, you can normally find some naturists on this beach, because it is so remote. From Skala there are daily boattrips to the beach of Psili Amos, or you can rent a motor and from Diakofti (a beach at the narrowest part of the island) reach the beach after a 20 to 30 minute walk.

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