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Museums on the island of Nisyros in Greece
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The Volcanological Museum in Nikia - a small museum housed in a former school, situated close to the volcano with information and pictures of the volcano of Nisyros and other active volcanoes in Greece. From the museum there is a nice view of the caldera.

The Archaeological Museum in Mandraki - this museum is situated next to the Heroes Square and holds objects that were found at different archaeological sites in and around the island of Nisyros. There are findings of pre-historic settlements, of the ancient necropolis of the town and objects found at a cemetery at the nearby island of Gyali. Some objects on display are from a later date such as the early Christian and Byzantine period.

The Folklore Museum in Mandraki - this small museum is situated in the old town hall, on the road that leads to the monastery of Panagia Spiliani. There are old traditional costumes, agricultural utensils, photographs, weapons and other old objects / utensils on display.

The Ecclesiastical Museum - this museum is housed in the Panagia Spiliani monstery and holds religious objects.

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