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The beaches on the island of Nisyros in Greece
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The beaches and naturist beaches of the island of Nisyros in Greece

Most of the beaches on the island of Nisyros consist of black or red sand or pebbles, much like on the vulcanic island of Santorini. The best beach, with mostly white sand and some pebbles is situated in the north of the island near Pali, at 4 km distance of the capital Mandraki. It is called White Beach (for obvious reasons). There are trees for shade and the water is shallow, so it is easy to get into the sea. There are not many facilities at White Beach so it is wise to bring your own water.

Another attractive beach is Lies Beach which is situated in the east of Nisyros. It consists of small grey pebbles and some sand. The beach is around 1,5 km long divided over a long "sandy beach" and several coves. Unlike on White Beach there are no trees for shade on Lies Beach. At the end of the beach there is a small tavern, but just to be sure it is always safe to also bring your own water when you wnat to visit this beach.

Katsouni Beach lies in the northeast of Nisyros in between the beaches of Pali (White Beach) and Lies. It lies 2 km east of Pali and this is the largest beach of the island. It consists of sand and pebbles and there are trees along the beach where you can find some shade. At Katsouni Beach there is also an interesting cave.

South of the beach of Lies you find the beach Pachia Ammos which reportedly is also place for naturists. Where the road ends, near a restaurant, you follow the path a bit up the hill and then down to the beach. Pachia Ammos Beach is the only beach on Nisyros that can not be reached by car. During the summer months there tend to be quite a number of "wild campers" on the beach.

In Avlaki, which is situated at the end of a path in the south of the island, is a small pebble beach. You can also find hot springs here. Avlaki was once the harbor of the village of Nikia which lies 450 meters higher above Avlaki, but the place is now uninhabited. Along the way you will pass ruins of ancient churches and you will see the monastery of Ag. Panteleimonas. The sea at Avlaki is shallow and it is not too difficult to go into the water.

On the west side of Mandraki below the cliffs you find Koklaki Beach. This pebble beach (with large pebbles) can be reached over a (not so easy) path. The walk down takes about 10 minutes.

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