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The village of Egiali overlooks the small island of Nikouria, which gives staying at the beach a little extra. I was told that you could find a boat in Egiali that would take you there, but I have never found it. On the busride from Egiali to Katopola you ride past it and you can have a better look. There's a beach opposite the island. This beach is called Agios Pavlos Beach. Agios Pavlos Beach is located on the west side of Amorgos, about 8 kilometers south of Egiali, just opposite the islet of Nikouria. You can get there with your own transport, but the local bus also makes a stop here. Agios Pavlos is a pebble beach and it is situated not far from the road. The place itself, with the view of the bay and the island Nikouria is picturesque.

Because of the influence of the wind and the tide the beach looks like a finger going a 100 meters into the sea. The opposite islet of Nikouria protects the beach from strong winds. At the beach of Agios Pavlos there is a taverna.

After a ten to fifteen minute walk south of Agios Pavlos you will find a number of (mostly) deserted beaches in coves, where perhaps there is a place for you to enjoy the sun without your textiles on. In High season between 11:00 and 7:00 there are excursion boats from Agios Pavlos that go to Nikouria island, where three beautiful beaches can be found. The trip takes about fifteen minutes. The island is uninhabited but at the largest beach of the island (the one at the north side of the island) there is a beach bar where they sell refreshments. All three beaches on Nikouria are sandy and all of them are quite protected from winds and currents. You can walk from one beach to the other in about 15 minutes. On the island there is a small church called the Panagiata church.

In antiquity there were three towns on the island and Nikouria was famous for its coin production. Later the island was used as a refuge for lepers.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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