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Agia Marina - Glaros

Friendly service and good Illy cappuccino in the harbour next to the place where the catamaran sails in. The cappuccino comes with a glass of water and costs 3 euro (2007).

Our verdict: 8 out of 10

To Steki Taverna in Alinda

tip Look no more: this was the best restaurant of all the islands that we ran into on our May expedition to Patmos, Leros and Samos. You can find it at the end of the boulevard in Alinda. They love to cook and experiment here and try making and tasting new dishes in their spare time. There is a wide choice on the menu and we tried all sorts of things and returned here for lunch and dinner. We had the chicken salad, the tzaziki with aubergineballs, lamb from the oven, paprika from the oven, ham-cheese rolls in dough, an ovendish with aubergines, tomatoes and cheese, and one with with potatoes and bacon... The housewine is delicious, the music very nice yet not too loud, the view is great, the people are friendly and the food superb.

Our verdict: extremely good, a 10 out of 10

Alinda Cocktail Bar in Alinda

We were told that this was the first establishment in Alinda with a hotel and a restaurant, dating from 1969. The Illy coffee tasted good, but it could have been a bit more hot. Friendly service though.

Our verdict: 7 out of 10

Galini Taverna in Xerokambou

This taverna is situated at the beginning of the beach at the point where the road enters the village. It is directly at the sea. All we can say about is is that is is pretty cheap. We only had drinks here.

Our verdict: none, since we only had drinks

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