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On arrival in the harbour of Agia Marina where our catamaran made a stop we couldn't find a car rental closeby, like you will usually find on most of the islands. So we decided to just go for a walk and walk into the direction of Alinda Beach and after about 150 meters distance from the port we ran into Francescos Motorent, where there were a lot of bikes in front of the shop, but no cars. We decided to go inside and ask for help, because maybe they would know where we could rent a car. Inside was Nikos, in between the special candy from Holland and with a plastic Dutch windmill on his television. He was married with Carolina, a girl from Holland. Nikos made a few telephone calls and reserved a very nice and good car for us at an excellent price. Super! We could also call him if there was a problem, and he gave us his telephone numbers (22470=25235 en mobiel 6934011665). Within ten minutes our car was ther. We could also leave the car in front of his shop the day that we left again. The car rental is situated opposite the blue house on the water (impossible to miss!!). In the village of Alinda there are a more car rentals, but this address may come in handy if you would like to have a car directly in the harbour of arrival.

Hans Huisman, https://www.angelfire.com/super2/greece/ 2014
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