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The Oinousses or Inousses islands in Greece

Nederlands Oinousses or Inousses is the name of a group of nine small islands that lie on the northeast side of the island of Chios, in between Chios and the mainland of Turkey. Usually the name is used for the largest and only inhabited island in the group, where also the ferries arrive. The surface of Inousses is about 16 km2 in size and has a population of about 450 people Inousses. Inousses has several good beaches and clear waters and it is for that reason that it is also regularly visited by tourists from the island of Chios that come here on a day trip. The main town is the only village on the island of any size. At 300 meters in front of the harbor lies the tiny island of Mandraki with a church on it, where some of the excursion boats also make a stop.

Inousses is the birthplace of several wealthy shipowners and therefore you will see many beautiful yachts in the harbor and there are quite a few luxury villas on the island. The wealth that was a result of this has also prevented an extensive tourist industry. A large number of people of the population work in shipping industry and a portion of the population still live in traditional way from fishing. For that reason there are not many accommodations on the island of Inousses. There are a number of taverns in the village where you can eat something. The island is hilly and is covered with low bushes and vines. Inousses is a place where you can find quiet beaches and private coves (the best lie to the west of the village).

There are not that many attractions on the island besides the beaches. There is a Maritime Museum that you can visit and west of the main town you will find the Evangelismou Convent, which is accessible by foot. This monastery was built by a wealthy shipping magnate to accommodate the mummified body of his daughter. This daughter became a nun and died shortly thereafter. When her body was dug up after three years (which often happens in Greece to make room), her body was not decayed, and so she was given sainthood. The shipping magnate himself now also lies buried in the monastery.

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Tel: Tel: 0030 22710 55475 - Send an e-mail to the Thalassoporos Hotel on Inousses.

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