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The sights of the island of Ikaria in Greece

The castle of Koskina. The castle of Koskina is a Byzantine fortress dating from the 11th century. It is situated on a hilltop and looks out over the village of Koskina in the middle of Ikaria, at some 30 kilometers distance of Evdilos. Inside of the castle there is a church. You can reach the castle via an unpaved road leading off at Koskina, on the route Evdilos - Agios Kirikos.

Drakano Fortress. The Drakano fortress is a stronghold with a well preserved tower dating from the Hellenistic times, the 4th century BC. On this tower they could keep a close watch at the ships that sailed between Ikaria and Samos. Next to the tower there is a church and underneath it there is a small secluded beach. You can reach the Drakano tower over an unpaved road from the coastal village of Faros. At a certain moment the road stops and you will have to walk about 15 minutes into northern direction to reach it.

The Byzantine Odeon near Kampos. In the first century AD these buildings were erected near Kampos. It was part of the antique city of Oenoe and it was the place were people met for theather and musicals.

Roman baths near the old Therma. The Roman baths were made during the Hellenistic period. What remained are some old walls. Therma was a centre for thermal healing springs. In about 205 AD the village was struck by an earthquacke and it was destroyed. Much of the old town is under water and you can see it when you snorkel in the water. You can reach the roman baths via a path behind Agriolycos Pension in Therma. On the way you will come past a cave that was once used as a shelter / hide away. A bit further down the hot springwater flows into the sea.

Temple of Artemis near Nas. The temple of Artemis was build in honour of the godess Artemis in the 6th century BC. She was the patron saint of sailors and hunters. Nas was probably the first settlement on the island of Ikaris. Around 1830 the larger part of the stone of the temple of Artemis was used by the inhabitants to build a church. A little bit off the coast under the water there are pilars of the temple that are visible. Part of the old harbour and the floor of the old sanctuary have survived.

The churches and monasteries of Ikaria. On Ikaria there are several attractive churches and monasteries that you can take a look at, like the 12th century Agia Irini church in Kampos, the oldest church on Ikaria, build on the remains of a 4th century basilica, the large church in Agios Kirikos, or the church with the natural granite roof of Theoskepasti that is situated between the villages of Pigi and Maratho in the south of Ikaria.

The Archeological museum of Kampos In the museum of Kampos there are displays of several finds on the island, like statues, pots, coins, pilars and several other objects from the antique and Hellenistic period.

Near Iero Beach you can find the Cave of Dionysos and on the top of the hill is an Italian Fortress from the Second World War.

Near Faros and close to the main road lie the tombs and cemetery of Propezoulopi, with standing stones (menhirs), which reach a height of 2.80 meters.

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