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The beaches on the island of Ikaria in Greece

Ikaria beaches: Evdilos. Just before the village of Evdilos, on the north side of the island, is the small sandbeach of Evdilos. The beach is rarely visited, mainly by the local people. There are no sunbeds or parasols on the beach. In Evdilos there are several hotels and restaurants.

Ikaria beaches: Faros. In the village of Faros, on a distance of 10 kilmeters east of Agios Kirikos, you can find the beach of Faros, which is a popular weekend destination for the people of Agios Kirikos. The beach stretches for kilometers and has sand and pebbles. At the beach there are several restaurants and there are rooms for rent.

Ikaria beaches: Drakano. Drakano beach is the official nudist beach of Ikaria. It is located near Faros between Kontou Tou Lakoma beach and Agios Giorgis Beach. To get there you take the path leading down from Faros to the Drakano Fortress or you can get there by walking to the north end of Kontou Tou Lakoma beach. There are signs leading to the beach. Close to the beach is the Church of St. George, the beautiful cove beach of Agios Giorgis and the Drakano Tower. There are no umbrellas and sunbeds for hire on this beach and there is no tavern, so you have to bring your own water. You need good shoes to get there.

Ikaria beaches: Ieros. In the northwest corner of the island you can find one of the less known beaches of Ikaria: Ieros Beach. Until recently there was no road leading to it. Legend tells that it used to be the place of a temple to Dionysos. The beach of Iero is situated in a protected bay with many pretty rocks. You can reach it via a road that leads from Faros in the eastern direction to the Drakoni fortress.

Ikaria beaches: Kampos. The beach of Kampos is situated in the north of Ikaria near the village with the same name, and not far from Evdilos. It is a long and relatively quiet sandy beach with a small restaurant and a club. In the nearby village there are a museum, Roman ruins, hotels, restaurants, a mini market and a cafe.

Ikaria beaches: Livadi. Livadi Beach is situated in the north of Ikaria and has a beautiful beach surrounded by green nature. Over the beach floods a river that divides the beach into 2. On this beach there are parasols and beach beds for rent. You can also eat or drink something here because there are several restaurants. Livadi is a popular and more tourist destination with quite some hotels, apartments and rooms for rent.

Ikaria beaches: Messakti. In the north of Ikaria you can find the beautiful Mestaki beach which is divided by two small rivers. In the distance in the front of it there is a tiny church on a small island. On this beach there are also sunbeds and parasols for rent and there are several restaurants and hotels.

Ikaria beaches: Nas. The beach of Nas is situated 6 kilometers west of Armenistis, in the north of Ikaria. On the beach there runs a river. Once this was the place of one of the first settlements of Ikaria. In the 6th century BC a temple was build here to honour the Goddess Artemis, protector of sailors and hunters. Only the foundations and some of walls are now left. The beach is mixed and also used by naturists. In Nas there are a couple of restaurants and hotels.

Ikaria beaches: Prioni. At a distance of 1 kilometer of Agios kirikos on the way to Therma lays the small remote pebble beach of Prioni. You can reach the beach over a steep path leading from above the beach or over another path that leads from the small church that is situated just off the road if you walk a bit along the coast.

Ikaria beaches: Seychelles. This is one of the most remarkable beaches of Ikaria. It is situated in the south of the island near the village of Manganitis at about a 25 kilometers distance of Agios Kitikos. It is a pebble beach in a beautiful bay / cove with pretty rocks around it and very blue water. In the small bay next to the beach there is a big cave. You have to get off the road just after the tunnel that you have to go through and just before the village of Manganitis. You can reach the beach over a path that leads along a riverbed. At the end the path gets more steep and more difficult.

Ikaria beaches: Therma. The beach of Therma is situated in the village of Therma. In this village there are healing springs. The beach is easy to reach. It is a sandy beach that lays in a protected bay. On the beach there are several restaurants and hotels. From Agios Kirikos you can get there by water taxi. After walking 10 minutes to the northeast from the beach (from the Agriolykos Pension) you end up at the ruins of the old therma and another hot spring.

Ikaria beaches: Tsoukala. The beach of Tsoukala is situated 1 kilometer outside of Agios Kirikos. It is a pebble beach and it can get quite busy sometimes. At the beach there is a small restaurant.

Ikaria beaches: Xilosirtis. The beach of Xilosirtis is a quiet, long stretched pebble beach. You can reach it by stairs in the village with the same name. During the summer months there is a small restaurant on the beach that is open.

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