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The island of Gavdopoula near Crete in Greece

The island Gavdopoula is an approximately 3 km2 large island in the Libyan Sea, south of the west coast of the island of Crete. It lies between Crete and Gavdos and the distance to Gavdos is about 5 kilometers.mThe highest point of Gavdopoula is 113 meters. Gavdopoula belongs to the district of Chania. In the Neolithic Age the island was inhabited, but now there are no longer people living here.

Together with Chrissi Island and Gavdos, Gavdopoula forms the three southernmost islands of Europe. On the other side of the islands is the African coast.

Gavdopoula The island is a protected nature area and there are rare plants and animal species. It is a haven for migratory birds and also protected the Mediterranean monk seal has its habitat here. The Loggerhead Turtle and the Caspian turtle Gavdopoula can be seen around the island, just like dolphins and sometimes sperm whales.

In 1998 there was a rumour that Gavdopoula would be converted into a major transshipment port for container ships. Due to strong protests from Cretan conservationists and other organizations in Greece and abroad the pan was put aside and the island was made into a protected nature reserve.


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