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Fourni Town beach Fourni Town beach Fourni, Psili Amos beach Fourni, Psili Amos Beach Fourni beach, Fourni strand
Fourni beach, Fourni strand Fourni beach, Fourni strand Fourni beach, Fourni strand Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach
The beaches of the island Fourni in Greece

On Fourni, there are plenty of beaches to be found, but unfortunately a lot of them cannot be reached on foot and many of them can only be reached by boat. The best known beach of course is the beach in the capital Fourni Town and this is a sandy beach with some pebbles. Just around the corner toward Psili Amos is another small beach which is mainly used by the inhabitants of Fourni Town. This beach is a bit more out of sight of the village and is therefore more private.

In the southwest at about 20 minutes distance of Fourni Town are the two bays of Kampi with a couple of windmills, a tavern and two beaches. For this beach you have to put on your walking shoes, because for most beaches outside Fourni Town you have to do some walking. Kampi is the most popular beach after that of Fourni Town and consists of two beaches with a rock that divides it into two parts. Over this rock there are some stairs so you can walk from one beach to the other. You go behind the two windmills that you will pass, and either go down the steps or you take the path on the left that after some time also ends up in stairs. The last option is certainly on the way back easier to do than to go back up the long staircase.

Kampi Beach has sand and a few pebbles and in itself it is a good beach.There are quite a few trees for shade and in the high season, there are also umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. If you come in the low-season then everything is closed (before the middle of June) and I advice you to al least bring your own water. South of Kampi are many pristine bays and beaches and the island is as good as abandoned.

Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach
Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach

If you go up the hill from Fourni Town past the two windmills towards the service station after a while you will see at a junction. You can walk to Chrissomilia in which case you will walk over the mountain. The trip can be a bit tiring in case it is very hot. After about half an hour you get to two churches where you can take some time to relax in the shade. The first church is very nice on the inside and has all walls and ceilings painted. If you keep walking you will see some beaches appear after about twenty minutes. You will have to walk down hill over a curvy road and (and back). On one of the beaches is a small house and this is the beach we walked to in order to cool sown in the water of the sea. Unfortunately this beach was not very clean when we were there early June. The best thing to do is therefore to walk a bit further to for example the small village of Bali. Still further to the north lies the village Chrisomilia, the only other village on the island with a bit of a population (we have not made it but we estimate that it will take about two and half hours walk, perhaps three). The village lies "glued" against the mountain. To Chrissomilia you can usually also go by ferry.

If at the junction you do not take the road to Chrissomilia but the one to Agios Giannis runs you will run into those pristine beaches much earlier (and they were better we thought). You can see a couple of them deep down and inaccessible for the walker on the right side of the road. We chose the exit Elidaki (the first exit) which lead to various beaches. The road splits up again after some time and will then go to different beaches. Our beach was the beach on the left side of the road and it was a good place but the disadvantage was that there was no shade, instead sand, beautiful vistas and the remnants of what I believe was the ancient Acropolis (columns and high walls ). The beach was clean and the views of the bay were beautiful, with a small islet laying off the coast. On the other side of the hill is another beach with some trees on it. You could try to reach them over a path that runs from the Acropolis hill and if you have good walking shoes it is probably possible (I was wearing some toe-sandals). You can also skip the sign Elidaki and take the next road on the right because from the other side there was also a path leading to that beach

Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni, Kampi Beach Fourni Beach, Fourni strand Fourni Beach, Fourni strand Fourni Beach, Fourni strand
Fourni Beach, Fourni strand Fourni Beach, Fourni strand Fourni Beach, Fourni strand Fourni, Elidaki Beach Fourni, Elidaki Beach

If you leave the village of Fourni on the other side of the port you come across two other beaches. The first beach is called Psili Amos and there are a few trees for shade, and right after that there is a beach with a small church. Here they have planted some young trees but these really don't give much shade yet (2008). Both beaches are clean and it is quiet there. The walk takes about 10 to 20 minutes. The last beach was our favorite because it was comparatively the easiest to get to and it was always quiet. Near the church you could even sit in the shade when you want to. The disadvantage was that it was close to a militairy barrack, but if you choose well you could lie down so that nobody can see you. From this second beach a path leads into the mountains. You must first walk past a farm (through the gate), along the goats. We saw some more beaches in the distance but because of the heat we decided not too walk much further. There are not many trees on Fourni and in the burning sun the thought of such a hike is often more beautiful than the reality.

Fourni, Elidaki Beach Fourni, Elidaki Beach Fourni, Elidaki Beach Fourni, Elidaki Beach Fourni, Elidaki Beach

As for the lovers of naturism: I can say that on the island of Fourni at all beaches (with the exception of the city beach and the beach of Kampi) we dived into the sea without our swimsuits. The beaches were completely empty and we were the only ones visiting. So for the fans of naturist beaches the island is certainly an attraction. Most visitors to the island are happy with just the town beach and the beach of Kampi (and why not?) that are comparatively quiet in comparison to the beaches on most other islands. For those that do want to discover the island there is a lot of quiet and peace to be found and a lot of pretty nature and vistas to see. Especially the views of the various islands around Fourni and the bays below are very beautiful. In six days time we have seen just two other hikers in the area behind Kampi, 1 person on a motor cycle and a couple of times a car with an inhabitant of the island in it. On the other side towards the direction of Psili Amos we just came across the shepherd and two tourists. Good chance you will find an empty beach.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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