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In the harbor of Nimborio is the highest freestanding clock tower in the Dodecanese islands. It belongs to the Agios Nikolaos Church which dates from 1861.

The former capital of the island, Chora sometimes called Chorio, is crowned by a castle of St. John, with several churches inside, including the church of Agios Nikolaos (another one) with frescoes and mosaics. Nearby is a ruined monastery. The village was once built out of sight to prevent attacks by pirates. At its height about 4000 people lived in the village, but now it is almost completely deserted.

The nearby island Alimnia can be reached by kaik (wooden fishing boat) and here there are a couple of beautiful beaches, a deserted village and on the southeast side there is a castle on either side of a ridge.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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