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The journey to Astypalaia - ferries to the island of Astypalaia in Greece

If you want to visit the island of Astypalaia it is best to fly on the island of Santorini (with international airport) and then take the ferry to Astipalaia. The route goes Santorini - Amorgos (Katapola & Aegiali) - Iraklia - Schinoussa - Koufonissi - Donoussa - Astypalaia (Blue Star Ferries 2011). If you want to check if there is a ferry on the day you want to go there than click here. You can also buy tickets here. You can also reach Astypalaia from the harbour Piraeus on the mainland but it is going to be a long journey. Schedules might change though from year to year and if you check too early in the season it is possible that the trip is not yet incorporated in the schedule, in which case you can check again later.

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