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The sights of Astypalaia island

- The Kastro in the Chora of of Astypalea. This fortress was built on the remains of an ancient acroplolis. The Byzantine stringhold, which dates from the ninth century, was later expanded and strengthened by the Venetians. The Venetians ruled the island between 1207 and 1522. The building then served mainly as protection against pirate attacks. The building had four floors and in Venetian times 4000 people lived here. Over time parts of the fortress fell down and the earthquake of 1956 destroyed a lot of it and made walls collapse. Only the two churches within and a small part of the fortress remains, the Panagia Portaïtissa and the Agios Georgios, both from the 14th century. Instead of four floors there are now only three.

- In Maltezana there are remains of a Roman bathhouse where a number of floor mosaics are on display. Maltezena is also called Analipsi. It is said to have been named after Maltese pirates that once sought shelter in its bay.

- After a two hours walk westwards from the windmills in Chora you will end up at the Agios Ioannis Monastry with its waterfall.

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